if you return something that has been recalled do you need a receipt?

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Divastrop Tue 03-Jun-08 00:00:40

i got an email from argos saying they had recalled certain lindam saftey gates.i bought one of these gates a few months ago and it broke after 6 weeks,but i couldnt return it as i'd lost the receipt.

i still have the gate,can i return it now theyve been recalled or do i still need proof of purchase?

Lurkinaround Tue 03-Jun-08 00:07:41

I think they can tell which ones are faulty by the model numbers so you shouldn't need a receipt if you have one of the faulty batch. I'd give Argos a ring first and check though rather than lugging the gate back to the store.

Lurkinaround Tue 03-Jun-08 00:11:21

Oh yes, and you don't always need a receipt as proof of purchase. If you paid by card then bank statement could suffice. Also if the item broke because it was faulty you could still have gone back to Argos (as the supplier they are directly liable) or failing that contacted the manufacturer. However, in this instance, the item has obviously come from a faulty batch so you shouldn't have any probs getting a refund.

Divastrop Tue 03-Jun-08 00:22:03

thank you.i have checked the model number and its defo a faulty one.i paid by cash and i cant even remember the date i bought it.

i live in the town centre so i will pop in there first and check.

shelleylou Tue 03-Jun-08 00:23:52

Diva, i had this email too the stairgate i have is one thats effected. I phoned argos and they told me that as its being recalled you dont need a reciept. If you havent got it then they will issue you with a voucher to purchase a new one.

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