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Egg boxes - reusable?

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Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Jan-05 18:07:16

Message withdrawn

Frizbe Thu 20-Jan-05 18:08:10

have you tried lakeland? they seem to do most things!

Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Jan-05 18:09:00

Message withdrawn

littlemissbossy Thu 20-Jan-05 18:11:58

yorkiegirl, how about something like this

Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Jan-05 18:14:06

Message withdrawn

Carla Thu 20-Jan-05 18:15:51

Let's all send Yorkiegirl an eggbox!

littlemissbossy Thu 20-Jan-05 18:16:38

I know what you mean, but I don't think you can get them. Have you tried a farm shop or farm supplies shop? is there anything like that near you?

littlemissbossy Thu 20-Jan-05 18:16:54

LOL @ Carla!!

Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Jan-05 18:17:45

Message withdrawn

starlover Thu 20-Jan-05 18:18:13

i haven't found the egg box yet... but had to post this.

searched on froogle for "reusable plastic egg box"


starlover Thu 20-Jan-05 18:22:17



Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Jan-05 18:24:00

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Jan-05 18:24:51

Message withdrawn

lowcalCOD Thu 20-Jan-05 18:25:12

lol the puns are bad tho
may get that for my mum she gets hers att he market

Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Jan-05 18:27:04

Message withdrawn

starlover Thu 20-Jan-05 18:31:25

yorkiegirl... i searched the site under "egg" rather than "egg box"
maybe that's the trick! maybe i am just too clever? LOL

Carla Thu 20-Jan-05 19:09:41

Yorkiegirl, you'd better make sure your eggs are Class A before you make your purchase - otherwise they obviously won't fit.

bensmum3 Thu 20-Jan-05 20:45:02

Oh B*m, I've just sent in a lakeland order. we could have charged treble, if we sold our eggs in one of those !

gingerbear Thu 20-Jan-05 20:49:07

careful YG, you will get drawn in by the mystical power of lakeland and end up spending 100 quid when the egg box was 2.95!!!

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