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SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 16:50:15

OK, I need a pair of trousers for at the gym. Chances are I'll be mainly doing Pilates type stuff. They need to be a leg length of around 33 inches.

Long tall sally are too long at 36".

Gem13 Thu 20-Jan-05 17:12:31

Gossypium ones are nice.

Not that I go to the gym (I don't think I know anyone who does for that matter!) but some friends wore these as maternity trousers.

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 17:17:09

"Due to high demand we are temporarily out of stock of ... and 12 long in black." bum! Typical eh? Thanks though.

Gem13 Thu 20-Jan-05 17:22:27


I was in band 3 for PE BTW. We were able to choose which band to go in. We all put ourselves in band 4 - 'girls who don't want to be here' - but I was promoted! I'm quite proud of that. Still stood around the trampoline chatting while some poor sod bounced...

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