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Ready Beds

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SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 09:28:11

There are some great offers on ready beds here where they're as low as £18.99. They also have an adult sized version for the same price. I'm thinking of getting a couple for DSs/their friends when we stay at friends or we have smaller guests.

Do I go for the branded child versions or the full sized single - they're the same price. I'm tempted by the full single size but obviously this would take up more space in the boot of the car if we were taking it somewhere...

secur Thu 20-Jan-05 09:31:38

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 09:36:52

I've no idea to be honest!

KathH Thu 20-Jan-05 09:44:58

do you mean the sleeping bag airbed things that are all in 1? if you do we have 2, bought them as thought they would be great when kids have their mates over - used them twice in a year, no-one will sleep in them.

Berries Thu 20-Jan-05 11:58:31

You're better off with the basic airbeds from Argos & a sleeping bag.

marialuisa Thu 20-Jan-05 12:05:15

Think they are only good for smaller kids. DD loves hers and it's had loads of use but she's not quite 4. My dbro is 9 and moaned like hell when he had to use it.

Ours was from TK Maxx and cost £9.99, so maybe smaller than the ones you're looking at?

Merlin Thu 20-Jan-05 12:09:15

DS (4) has a Thomas one, but never sleeps well on it when we go away - seems to keep rolling off it, doesn't make any difference how hard you blow it up either! Wouldn't buy one again!!

Grommit Thu 20-Jan-05 12:12:14

bought one for dd - she tried it out first night and found it too uncomfortable- a waste of money IMO

lowcalCOD Thu 20-Jan-05 12:13:04

I love out new hideaways bed

amynnixmum Thu 20-Jan-05 12:27:51

My two love theirs and have had lots of use out of them.

SoupDragon Thu 20-Jan-05 14:17:55

Hmm... I'll probably leave it until we come across an occasion to need something like that.


Jbck Thu 20-Jan-05 16:39:20

DD 3 loves hers & actually slept in it for nearly a fortnight when we first got it. Only stopped 'cos it went to Gran & Paps's with her for a night & didn't come back home. This was why we bought it originally anyway. They do pack pretty small.

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