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Anyone seen a nice stylish very SMALL lamp?

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franch Fri 30-May-08 13:59:37

To go on a bookcase in our home office, next to the sofabed

The colours are light teal and dark brown - with a bit of cream

MrsBadger Fri 30-May-08 14:05:37

must it be a table lamp with a base or will a clippy one thus or thus do?

and is it just for use as a bedside lamp when someone is staying on the sofabed, or for general use?

franch Fri 30-May-08 14:13:09

Needs to be table lamp. Will be mainly a bedside lamp but also just for general lighting

MrsBadger Fri 30-May-08 14:21:20


in which direction does it need to be small? ie does it need to be short, or slim, or have a small footprint?

franch Fri 30-May-08 14:31:22

Very short - space between shelves is 30cm max

Cappuccino Fri 30-May-08 14:36:05

ooh Mrs B while you are lamp searching find me a bedside one

dh has one of those little blokes holding a book

I want a tiny one with lots of light for reading but pretty

MrsBadger Fri 30-May-08 14:43:12

done (that's for franch)

Capp have a look at BHS and Laura Ashley

MrsBadger Fri 30-May-08 14:46:18

similar but even smaller for Franch

franch Fri 30-May-08 15:00:03

Hmm, right size but not keen on the design ... I looked at Laura Ashley, they are pretty aren't they? But too big for me ...

MrsBadger Fri 30-May-08 15:03:28

I swear, you don't even see the Ikea one when it's not turned on - it's just plain opaque glass

PrimulaVeris Fri 30-May-08 15:10:30

This may not sound very glamorous, but could be worth having a look at BHS. Their lighting is pretty good - fussy DH got a very nice, stylish (and cheap!) bedside lamp there, whilst I was vainly looking through all the expensive designer stuff.

franch Fri 30-May-08 15:49:02

Thanks PV - MrsB's link was to BHS - they do have some good stuff

Actually the ikea one isn't bad MrsB - was just hoping for something prettier. (I also have a bit of a phobia about actually visiting Ikea, and they don't sell this one online ...)

franch Mon 07-Jul-08 15:22:48

Am still having trouble with this - anyone spotted anything lately?

franch Mon 07-Jul-08 18:45:57


franch Mon 07-Jul-08 21:59:38


franch Tue 08-Jul-08 11:50:05


franch Tue 08-Jul-08 14:53:39

I'm persevering because I know such a thing must exist ...

franch Sun 13-Jul-08 10:59:12


Seona1973 Sun 13-Jul-08 13:33:41


pack of 2

another one

They may not be stylish but they are all quite cheap!! I thought the spheres one was a bit unusual though

franch Sun 13-Jul-08 14:19:17

Seona, you star, thanks for responding

Don't think the spheres would fit on the shelf but the silver cubes are v good

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