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Baby won't lie down

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jessb Tue 07-Jan-03 11:35:45

Ds is nearly 5 months and wants to be supported standing or sitting all the time and its driving me nuts, occaisionally prop him in corner of sofa but obviously have to be with him. Any products out there that will give me a few moments reprive? HV says baby walkers v dangerous.

jessb Tue 07-Jan-03 11:39:50

how did i put this on twice! can i delete one?

sueanna Tue 07-Jan-03 11:50:11

I've got a door bouncer for my 4 month old and it's great. It gives them a bit of freedom to find their balance (or not!). My little ds finds it great fun. ... and it gives you up to 20mins to do what you want. You still need to be around to watch them, but you don't need to hold on to them. It's worth a try. I sometimes put her baby gym next to the bouncer and she plays with it whilst standing.

elliott Tue 07-Jan-03 11:51:56

At this stage I found the galt play nest useful - needed a few cushions for extra support to start with - its particularly good for preventing their toys rolling out of reach! Also had the galt dinosaur but that isn't as supportive - not really any better than a mound of cushions on the floor imo.
Obviously you still need to be close by while he's at the falling forwards (or sideways, or backwards) stage but it is safer than the sofa.

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