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Frizbe Wed 19-Jan-05 12:31:03

Hi all has anyone ever tried one of these out? whaddya reckon, thinking about one for dd 14mths, but when she gets a wiggle on her and doesn't want to be sat, I feel she may take the chair with her, whaddya think?

Frizbe Wed 19-Jan-05 12:32:09

let try again seat

starlover Wed 19-Jan-05 12:52:26

looks quite good, but pretty expensive... sure I have seen them cheaper elsewhere.
as for the wiggling... i guess it depends how much she wiggles and how heavy the chair is!

Tetley Wed 19-Jan-05 13:11:40

We had one & didn't like it - didn't seem very secure. Although saying that, my SIL gave it to me - & she'd used it with both her kids & loved it!

Instead, we used some of the reins that Mothercare sell, which also come with two short straps that yo can attach to a chair - found it was much better.

Carameli Wed 19-Jan-05 14:42:41

I got one from blooming marvellous, think they called it a handbag highchair.
I love it, easy to pack in a bag.
handbag highchair

Frizbe Wed 19-Jan-05 16:26:29

ah a cheaper version, cool! does anyone else have any experience?
Thanks for the info starlover and Tetley, fyi I've tried the rein attachment and she threw herself to one side at GP's and took the chair with her, bump they both went, much to granny's horror......and it was quite a weighty chair...(dd's eh!)

bluebear Wed 19-Jan-05 17:12:15

We've got the velcro-baby-to-the-chair version - from GLTC? only used it for under 1's though - works fine and easy to carry (and wash)
Dd is 14 months and if we're out and about and she needs feeding now it's either on my lap or firmly strapped into her buggy (if in wriggly mood) if no high chair available.

mishi1977 Wed 19-Jan-05 17:19:09

just to add you can actually get them even cheaper on ebay just type in handbag highchair to the search

lulupop Wed 19-Jan-05 20:32:52

rubbish if you've got a real wriggler. they are like a straitjacket and wriggly little ones seem to sniff the restraint element a mile off!

I had one but gave it away. just got by with the high chairs provided in restaurants etc

yummimummi Tue 25-Jan-05 16:26:23

I have a Totseat and it's fantastic! I've tried all of the others, which I haven't been impressed with, but Totseat has a cumberbund bit at the back, buttons and a clip, which makes it more adjustable. It goes everywhere with me and Maddy and I'd recommend it to anyone!

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