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Can't live without a washing machine!

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Harrysmom Tue 18-Jan-05 21:11:31

I suppose I just want to moan but....last year I paid 400 quid for a Bosch exxel washing machine and just before xmas (typical) it started playing up...didnt rinse the clothes at all......Its guaranteed by bosch for 2 years, so called the help line who sent an engineer out. He was there all of 5 mins and said "all ok now" but alas it I called again but due to it being Xmas eve, no one could come until 5/1/05 !! all that time lugging washing to the laundrette. So..on the 5th they came again. Fiddled about a bit and said some jets were blocked, its ok now but it wasnt...called again blah blah blah, eventually they said that the engineers cannot find anything wrong!! Well they dont stay for 1 hour and watch the machine (not) working! I thought as the machine is guaranteed for 2 years, Ill ask for a replacement or refund, but no! Thats not what guaranteed apparently means, they guarantee to mend it..thats all!.........So Im seriously fed up, and now am having to shell out for another washer boo hoo.......

tillykins Tue 18-Jan-05 21:26:12

No! Don't buy another washing machine, get back on the phone and raise h*ll
What about going to the shop you bought it from?

Harrysmom Tue 18-Jan-05 21:36:09

Theres the catch.....The guarantee is with Bosch the manufacturer, but if I want a refund I have to approach the seller...Comet, who have told me over the phone that their warranty only lasts for one year...(washer is 1.5 YO) and they are not obliged to offer a refund now OR a repair. I understand I could follow it up under the sale of goods act, and take them to small claims court, but it would take letter after letter and a long time. I might do that anyway, but in the meantime I just cant live without a washing machine. DS throws up on everything he wears and wee's the bed often.

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 21:44:05

Message withdrawn

Harrysmom Tue 18-Jan-05 21:48:30

Have got a senior engineer coming on Monday. We'll see what happens when he comes...I think I might do a load of washing, and leave it in the drum to show him how it ends up! Maybe then he cant say theres nothing wrong....

hoxtonchick Tue 18-Jan-05 21:54:15

oh god, our washing machine (indesit) has just died & i was fairly convinced i wanted a bosch. but now i'm going off the idea. any other suggestions? i'd make a real fuss in your position harrysmom - mention your ds a LOT!

tillykins Tue 18-Jan-05 21:55:41

Don't get an ariston, mine is rubbish

hoxtonchick Tue 18-Jan-05 21:56:45

hmmm, so the 200 quid off an ariston in currys isn't worth it. hooray for mumsnet.

Harrysmom Tue 18-Jan-05 21:57:09

Loads of people say that Bosch is good, maybe Ive just been unlucky. WHirlpool seems to be getting quite a lot of good press.

Harrysmom Tue 18-Jan-05 21:58:51

Saying that Bosch dishwasher is nothing to write home about! The old Servis one I used to have was better

Yorkiegirl Tue 18-Jan-05 21:59:29

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Tue 18-Jan-05 22:01:04

we've just got a new bosch dishwasher & it's fab. apparently hotpoint has been bought out by indesit so i'm not touching one...

sweetkitty Wed 19-Jan-05 17:03:40

I can totally sympathise I had no washing machine for 6 weeks!!!

Long story but basically it took 2 weeks every time an engineer had to come out I did write and complain but nothing.

I'm never taking an extended warranty again engineer told me the machines are only designed to last 2-3 years.

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