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Best eye cream

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pacinofan Tue 18-Jan-05 19:48:29

Hi, would like some recommendations for a good eye cream please, not too bothered about price as long as it does the job!

RudyDudy Tue 18-Jan-05 19:48:59

Boots Time Delay range - marvellous and not expensive at all. Can't recommend it enough.

pacinofan Tue 18-Jan-05 19:50:40

Wow, super quick response, thanks RudyDudy! Have wondered about this range when I saw it in Boots, will try it out.

IloveMarmite Tue 18-Jan-05 19:52:04

I use Molton Brown eye rescue. Love it.

romilly Wed 19-Jan-05 15:23:53

okay pacinofan - you asked for it (i quote "not too bothered about the price")

the best eye cream is eye balm by Creme de la Mer

(hideously pricey, mind - but anything to stave off the botox injections, yuk.)

MancMum Wed 19-Jan-05 15:37:59

romilly - have u used CDLM eye cream - I use the moisturiser which I love but my eyes do need some help - what did it do for you... really quite sadly excited to know as will rush out with child allowance to get it if worth it...

romilly Wed 19-Jan-05 16:20:57

yep, mancmum - i have been dipping into my CDLM eye cream with great relish for longer than i care to admit in public (as well as the moisturizer). here's 3 reasons why i think its worth it:-

1. it works

2. i've tried practically every eye-cream you can think of and most of them are too rich/too perfumed/too light/too sticky/make zero difference

3. i think i'm worth it!! (pass the bucket)

i really can't think of a better way to blow your child allowance

hester Wed 19-Jan-05 16:54:04

I'm currently using Clinique but am not noticing any difference, so will follow this thread with great interest. I am most concerned about lines, so want a cream that is anti-ageing but also has a good SPF. Will pay a lot of money but NOT to Creme de la Mer levels!

spook Wed 19-Jan-05 17:01:06

How much is it then???? Never one to shirk the responsibilities of spending my ex-husbands money I am very interested.

hester Wed 19-Jan-05 17:04:36

Yes, go on romilly - how much?!

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 19-Jan-05 17:17:32

I think its about £75 - £80 for a 15ml pot.

spykid Wed 19-Jan-05 17:20:22

Another vote for molton brown eye rescue. Feels cold and refreshing when you apply it. Follow up with touche eclat in a morning and noone would ever know you had been up 3 times in the night!

hester Wed 19-Jan-05 17:30:54

Wow... respect, romilly

romilly Wed 19-Jan-05 19:03:08

its just gone up actually, £85 now

romilly Wed 19-Jan-05 19:04:35

the lippy i use only costs 99p

romantick Wed 19-Jan-05 19:06:10

lol why not get your other half to give a loving rejuvinating eye kiss

desperatehousewife Wed 19-Jan-05 19:07:11

I use Keihls - avacado. Very good.

romilly Wed 19-Jan-05 19:14:39

romantick - u r romantic

my free-radical damage needs a bit more help than that methinks

romantick Wed 19-Jan-05 19:17:08

lots of massage from your loving partner will help for ever.
mind you a mirror free house would solve all problems lol

lulupop Wed 19-Jan-05 20:30:41

my h got me some CDLM moisturiser and eye balm for birthday last yr, and I have to say I thought the moisturiser was completely overrated, not worth the money, and had a horribly strong smell.

the eye balm was nice but not worth £85.

I've read that the Erno Laszlo stuff (available Harrods only I think) is the best, but have yet to try it.

Currently using Body Shop eye cream off the back of an MN recommendation and I think it is just as good, if not better, than the CDLM. And only £11!

Branster Wed 19-Jan-05 21:54:49

what exactly do you need the eyecream for pacinofan? tired eyes, dark circles or wrinkles?

pacinofan Thu 20-Jan-05 08:30:21

Hi Branster, essentially tired eyes and really to try to minimise ageing - am 37 and have been using eye creams for about 5 years. Like to chop and change and have used L'oreal, NiveaQ10 mainly, but now thinking maybe it's time to invest in the 'best' one. Like the idea of Boots Time Delay and Molton Brown, but can't stretch to Creme de la Mer!!!

Lolski Thu 20-Jan-05 09:40:40

found this thread really amusing as I am one of the hopeless cases that runs out and buys an eyecream everytime that it is recommended in a magazine - hence a bathroom cabinet full of them !!!
I am 38 and more interested in getting rid of (and then hopefully preventing) crows feet and wrinkles so will follow this with great interest.

sansouci Thu 20-Jan-05 10:55:30

This is the thread of my dreams! I'm 42 & so far the damage caused by all the sunworshipping of my youth has not shown up too much. I've been using Estée Lauder for ages but wonder if I'm paying for the name & packaging or if it really is any better than other (cheaper) stuff. My dh's ex is Swedish and ruined her fair skin with the sun & smoking and so he doesn't mind my spending money on good cosmetics... within reason. I think Clinique & EL are the same company. Is Bourgeois really Chanel is disguise? Is there any way of finding out if these expensive creams & serums do anything more than moisturise the skin?

hester Thu 20-Jan-05 10:58:42

Has anybody tried one of those new creams that claim to have a temporary relaxing effect on your lines, kind of like a mini temporary Botox? I saw one called 'freeze' in SpaceNK, and I think Boots have one by SkinDoctor, and I read that M&S are introducing one. They are fantastically expensive (Freeze is £60) but if they worked they'd be worth it!

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