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Laptop recommendations

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Kibby Tue 18-Jan-05 16:41:21

I'm looking for a really slim, light laptop, anyone know of any they would recommend? I lloked at the Dell Inspiron 510 but think it looks quite big, anyone know?

littlemissbossy Tue 18-Jan-05 16:49:41

I wouldn't recommend Dell to anyone TBH - I had a problem with my Inspiron laptop and their aftersales service is quite frankly, crap! and annoyingly located in India.
I've just bought a new dinky, lightweight laptop from PC world, they've loads of offers on at the mo

nasa Tue 18-Jan-05 16:52:55

agree about the aftersales service on dell BUT I still think their laptops are much better than others.

Kibby Tue 18-Jan-05 17:05:28

littlemissbossy , what make is it?

Titania Tue 18-Jan-05 17:09:23

I have got a lovely slim silver samsung XO5. Got it from comet. With 5 years insurance it was £999. Love it to bits.

fisil Tue 18-Jan-05 17:21:45

Ooops - just got my new Dell yesterday! I was so distraught after I dropped my Samsung down the stairs that I let dp do all the shopping around and chosing. Seems OK so far!

jabberwocky Tue 18-Jan-05 17:56:06

I've had mine for a while so don't know about the newer models but it's a Compaq presario. Overall, it's been a good machine. I used it a ton in graduate school with no problems.

BubblesDeVere Tue 18-Jan-05 18:13:20

I've got a Sony Vaio, and don't think I would ever have another make, the customer service is also second the none, and, they have a web site which you can go on and try and solve the problem first.

alibubbles Wed 19-Jan-05 12:06:58

I am on an Apple powerbook at the moment and love it, we all have Apple laptops in this house and DD's has a french keyboard.

galaxy Wed 19-Jan-05 12:09:33

Work laptio is an IBM Thinkpad which is small and compact.

We recently bought and Advent from PC World for £699 which is good too. Comes with wireless card, dvd re-writer and memory card slot.

mrsflowerpot Wed 19-Jan-05 12:10:28

Try the Acer ones, they have quite a few lighter weight ones. Dh has just bought one at

littlemissbossy Wed 19-Jan-05 12:12:31

kibby, it's a averatec 12" notebook, wireless card, etc

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