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Another table and chairs dilemma!

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kid Mon 17-Jan-05 23:19:56

We originally ordered a table and 6 chairs from Courts. They went bust, we managed to get something else with our deposit rather than loose it.
Next we ordered another table and 6 chairs from additions, this one cost £30 more than the courts one. This was delivered on 6th Jan, but the corner of the table had a large crack in it. Phoned them straight away and was told they can exchange it but it will take up to 5 weeks. Not alot I could do about it so agreed. I got my statement from them and they want the first installment. When I phoned them, they had no record of the table being damaged ad no exchange had been ordered. The problem is, the table is no longer available!
We now have to choose an alternative or dismantle it all and start all over again, its driving me mad
Does anyone know where I can get a light coloured rectangle table with 6 leather/leather effect chairs?
The courts one was £399 and the additions one was £429 so I really want to stay close to this price. I have to phone additions in the next couple of days to let them know what I want to do.

mummytojames Mon 17-Jan-05 23:52:51

have you tried just doing a serch online for tables and chairs?

Fran1 Tue 18-Jan-05 00:16:58

I recently bought a lovely glass table and chairs from an independent shop. You know the type that have closing down blasted accross their windows even though they've only just opened, and you always wonder if their stuff is stolen goods.

It was half price compared to major shop prices, so i didn't ask any question as to its origin.

Maybe browse your local high streets for independent retailers.

essbee Tue 18-Jan-05 00:17:34

Message withdrawn

kid Tue 18-Jan-05 06:39:38

Have you managed to get a picture of your table essbee?

essbee Tue 18-Jan-05 09:00:20

Message withdrawn

kid Tue 18-Jan-05 20:16:44

I phoned additions tonight about a replacement table. This one costs £489 so we wanted them to give us a discount. They offered us 5% but then mentioned that the table we originally wanted (same as our damaged one) is in the new catalogue but it has a different stock number. When she checked that, it is in stock and can be delivered within 3 weeks! Arghhh, I just want a table and chairs! We have ordered that one for an exchange but now we have to dismantle the table and 6 chairs that we have to build the table and exact same chairs when they get delivered. Why is nothing ever simple, especially in my kitchen!

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