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Long shot - where can I find a travel flipchart/easel to make presentation

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velcrobott Mon 17-Jan-05 17:13:03

The thing is I am about to embark on a series of presentation - I will need to use public transport so I need to be able to carry my flip chart!!! I saw one in wood (I think) which the speaker seem to carry in a special bag. I didn't get to ask where she found it. The easel/flip chart did not have legs and could therefore be put on floor or table. It used normla size flip chart paper.

Any idea ?

P.S. It can't be too expensive either but suggest away !

amynnixmum Mon 17-Jan-05 17:13:54

Have you tried Staples?

ediemay Mon 17-Jan-05 17:16:55

Would the staples or office world websites be able to help? Sorry, I'm hopeless at links. Art suppliers do make 'short' easels to sit on table tops - are there any art supplies shops in your Yellow Pages? Hope you find something, sorry to be vague

bran Mon 17-Jan-05 17:20:44

Viking direct have just about every kind of stationery/office equipment there is.

velcrobott Mon 17-Jan-05 17:23:35

That's the thing they all sell bog standard (10kg) flip chart.... thanks though....

velcrobott Tue 18-Jan-05 19:22:24

Anymore ideas?

spod Tue 18-Jan-05 19:24:24

try ebay?

lucy5 Tue 18-Jan-05 19:35:13

in staples you can buy a portable flip chart that looks like a folder and then flips over and you can place it on the desk. Its about a4 size, dont know if this is too small. I used to use my when presenting to small groups.

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