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7 Seater cars - any recommendations?

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pinkmama Sun 16-Jan-05 12:56:15

It is time for my dh to get new lease car through work. Think we could do with 7 seater, but restricted to under £20K. Don't really want a big MPV. Could do with extra seats for ferrying around dd's friends and we have a lot of visitors by train, so would be useful, but not necessary every day as we only have 2 kids and one on way. Seem to be loads of options, anyone got any experiences to share?

Merlin Sun 16-Jan-05 13:07:15

Haven't actually got one yet, but probably will later this year - thinking about Zafira, Toyota Verso, Scenic maybe? I shall come back to this thread and see what other people recommend.

leahbump Sun 16-Jan-05 13:11:41

Zafira- wish we'd got one!!(we got a picasso and wish I'd had the option of the extra 2 seats)

Zafira- 5 or 7 seats (2 collapsable seats) v economical (more so than a big 7 seater galaxy/c8 etc) and available under 20K. I know a few folk who have these and they love them.

Ameriscot2005 Sun 16-Jan-05 13:46:29

Love my C8!

JanH Sun 16-Jan-05 13:49:38

Too big, Ameriscot!

There is a Grand Scenic now, pm, with a longer wheelbase than the original - it does have the 2 extra seats, and a bit more luggage space in the back when they are in use too I think.

lou33 Sun 16-Jan-05 13:52:00

we want a c8

JanH Sun 16-Jan-05 13:52:07

Grand Scenic review - mentions that you can get in and out of rear seats without mucking about with middle row like the Zafira - a huge plus IME!

JanH Sun 16-Jan-05 13:52:38

Lou, I would love one too (or the Peugeot) but it's not going to happen here

lou33 Sun 16-Jan-05 13:53:50

we are thinking of using the dla for one.

JanH Sun 16-Jan-05 13:55:17

Would you have to pay a big chunk upfront to get one?

lou33 Sun 16-Jan-05 13:58:36

about 3k i think

JanH Sun 16-Jan-05 14:03:18

Ouch - quite a big chunk!

Worth it though if you can do it - your kids aren't going to get any smaller

lou33 Sun 16-Jan-05 14:07:54

i know, don't remind me.

Ameriscot2005 Sun 16-Jan-05 14:14:11

We went with a full-sized MPV because I read about the ones with disappearing seats not being very robust or suitable for adults. My boys (13 & 11) sit in the back, and they need proper seats.

I think the Zafira is fab if you just want the flexibility of extra seats (eg: for occasional car-pooling or picking up other kids from school) - similar to a Volvo estate with extra seats in the boot, but not really suitable if you truly need more than 5 seats.

lou33 Sun 16-Jan-05 14:19:39

ameriscot can you give me a run down about what you love and hate about the c8 please? I have 4 kids, one in a wheelchair, so we need bootspace for that, as well as room for shopping.

RTKangaMummy Sun 16-Jan-05 14:20:21

we had volvo estate with extra seats but they are only suitable for up to 11 years cant remember the weight now. Very clever that they went into the boot floor when not needed and then just pull and there they are.

I would deffo go for VOLVO XC90 but it is over the budget proper 7 seats that go into the floor

Ameriscot2005 Sun 16-Jan-05 14:33:28

Lou, you'd need to check if the wheelchair could fit in the back easily. I'm sure it would, as there does seem to be a lot more bootspace than with, say a Renault Espace (which we hired for a couple of months before getting the C8). You can push the 2nd and 3rd row seats quite far forward to get maximum bootspace, and if you only need 6 seats, you can always fold one of them up or take it out.

What I really like about the C8 is 1) the electric sliding doors - makes it very easy to chuck the kids out at school, LOL, and it means you can faff about with open doors without bothering other folk; 2) the car is a few inches wider than most MPVs, so there is space to move about inside the car (the boys can get out through the back door without climbing over the seats; and 3) the driving is a cinch - automatic but with tiptronic gears, fantastic maneuvrability hence easy parking.

This is our fourth MPV and by far the best. And to think it was £3000k less in 2003 than the Seat Alhambra we bought in 1997.

lou33 Sun 16-Jan-05 14:59:05

thanks ameriscot, it sounds great

pinkmama Mon 17-Jan-05 09:14:28

Thanks everyone. Just to say I dragged the family around a couple of garages yesterday afternoon, we looked at the Toyota Corrolla Verso and the Renault Scenic Grand. Toyota was a much nicer looking car, but both had flexible seats. You wouldnt want to sit in the 3rd row for long as an adult or a child, but then we do only need it occassionally (I hope unless it turns out I am having twins). The only problem with the Toyota is that with all the seats up there was absolutely no space in boot, no way would we get a pram in, whereas the Renault you might have squeezed one in. Am going to look at a few more.

bensmum3 Mon 17-Jan-05 09:33:34

Hi, We had a mitsubishi space wagon a few years ago, and i loved it, not the most popular for trendiness, but great for space and i never had a problem with it, only sold it because we dont use a car where we live now !

onlyjoking9329 Mon 17-Jan-05 09:52:46

we have a spacewagon, when you use all the seats there is not much boot space left, i know lots of people who have the zaffira on dla and a few who have a child who uses a wheelchair so i know that car is o.k lou33, plus dont think theres any extra payment on motorbility for that one, have a look on mobility site it tells you what the current payments are

JanH Mon 17-Jan-05 10:31:17

pm, I think (from what I've read) that none of the other 5+2 cars have any useful space behind the back seat; you would have to go for a full-size MPV and only Previa, Grand Voyager, Grand Espace, C8 or 807 have more than the Grand Scenic - even things like Galaxy and ordinary Espace have pretty limited luggage space with rear seats in use.

However, having said that, with only 6 seats in use and the 7th folded away there would be loads of room, so it would only be when you actually had 7 in that you'd have a problem.

FineFigureFio Mon 17-Jan-05 10:50:33

What about a volvo v70 (2nd hand? would that be applicable?)

I know someone who has a Kia people carrier thing and that has been good

we had a land rover discovery but it would vbe awkward to fit the wheelchair in with two kids in the boot, but not one

Bagpuss30 Mon 17-Jan-05 10:52:57

pm, I would agree with Jan, my sil has just got a VW with 5 seats and 2 fold down ones. Rear seats look less substantial than most 7 seaters and there is no boot space once they are up, also no spare wheel!

I really want dh to change his car atm so will be keeping an eye on this thread. Good luck!

Slinky Mon 17-Jan-05 11:00:17

As JanH says, if you want a "proper" boot plus the seats, then you will need to go for a "full-size" MPV.

I drive (and love to pieces!) a Toyota Previa - and a big boot for an MPV. Easily took my double buggy/car seat in the back without a problem. In the summer, it ferries DH, myself, 3 kids, various suitcases, sleeping bags to France and back WITHOUT a roof box or collapsing any seats.

Handy for ferrying other kids about - although I find that a disadvantage! as I always seem to be "top of the list" as a helper at Brownies .

When we do get another car in the future, I will only get another Toyota - quite fancy the Verso

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