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White PJ's

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Beetroot Sun 16-Jan-05 09:54:45

Message withdrawn

Carla Sun 16-Jan-05 09:57:38

Beety, first let us know why you think the M&S ones might not be right. And I'm seething with curiosity - why does your mate really want white ones??? XXX

KBear Sun 16-Jan-05 09:58:36

There are some ivory silky PJs in Freemans catalogue £20.

moondog Sun 16-Jan-05 10:00:00

Try 'Toast' (exp. though) or 'Peacock Blue' mail order. Also 'Red' magazine have a mail order bit in the middle. They had some nice ones in there last month.

Beetroot Sun 16-Jan-05 10:02:11

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 16-Jan-05 10:04:13

Message withdrawn

KBear Sun 16-Jan-05 10:15:02

ooh, she won't want them from Freemans then!!! Far too common!

Beetroot Sun 16-Jan-05 11:12:46

Message withdrawn

Carla Sun 16-Jan-05 11:21:30

Are they going to be a prezzie, and if so how much are you willing to spend?

Beetroot Sun 16-Jan-05 11:24:48

Message withdrawn

KBear Sun 16-Jan-05 11:41:14

You can shop online too with Freemans.

Beetroot Sun 16-Jan-05 11:51:15

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 16-Jan-05 12:01:43

primark do white cotton pj's.

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