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rain poncho - where to buy?

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Blossie Fri 03-Jan-03 20:47:11

I'm looking for a rain poncho for my ds (14 months) to wear on the back of his dad's bicycle - can anyone help on where to buy?


EmmaTMG Fri 03-Jan-03 20:59:55

Although I'm not sure if they do poncho's I found a website called Muddypuddles who do all-in-one suits that go over clothes and coats. I know they work as I was talking to another mum at the park recently who 18 month old was sitting in a puddle!
My 18 month old had his first wellington boot experience today, where he walked like he'd been riding a horse for a few days and promtly fell over in the deepest and muddiest puddle in the park so I'll be buying one soon.
Hope this helps.

soothepoo Fri 03-Jan-03 22:08:44

Raindrops also don't do ponchos (!) but they do a flourescent yellow and navy waterproof jacket and dungarees combo with reflective strips that would be ideal for the back of a bike. There is also a tie on hat and mittens for that completely co-ordinated look .

GillW Sat 04-Jan-03 16:47:55

Saw some today in the Young Explorers shop - but the smallest was age 3-4 years.

GillW Sat 04-Jan-03 16:52:16

Actually Blossie, for use on a bike, not for walking in, that size might be ok for you - they're under "jackets" on their website, near the bottom.

Blossie Sat 04-Jan-03 19:05:18

Thanks Gill - just looked on the young explorers website and the cape looks brill! He's a big boy so I dont think that age 3-4 will be that much too big.

thanks again!

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