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Out n About Nipabout

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catec Mon 19-May-08 16:28:27

Does anyone have any experience with the Nipabout? It has all the features we are after but not sure of its performance since it is so new and hasn't really been reviewed properly. So would appreciate any info/advice!

linsy Wed 20-Aug-08 21:40:36

We got this last year as it had all the features we wanted too, but it didn't really live up to the expectations!

Good points- it is very light compared to lots of the others, very nice to manoeuvre and lots of positions front and rear facing. It's really good on mild off road (parks, cycle tracks, canal etc) but not really up to proper off roading (are any of them?) We got the extra air tyres, which do seem good.

Bad points- we specifically got it as it was compatible with the maxi cosi car seat, and we used it loads like this, but the adaptors are a really poor fit (think they've used ones designed for another system) and we went through 3 sets before getting ones that fitted at all, and they were never that 'secure' feeling even then. It is very flimsy and the bar supporting the buggy hood snapped several times. One of the supporting posts broke after about 6 months of use, they did repair it but we had to pay to have it couriered back to the shop! The carrycot is very light and soft sided, so it's fine when it's supported on the pram, but collapses slightly when it's on the ground- you can't leave a baby in it for long (we were hoping to use it separately for naps but no use for that at all)

Overall, we do still use it most days,and it's working fine again just now, but we wouldn't buy it again- think I'd probably go for the Quinny Buzz instead.

Hope that helps!

catec Fri 22-Aug-08 13:41:01

Thanks Linsy, we ended up giving up the rear facing requirement and going for the Mountain Buggy - it's fab.

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