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driving theory and hazard persception test discs

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misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 22:12:25

having a loook on ebay, which ones should i get?
too mant to choose from.

misdee Sun 16-Jan-05 20:45:28


nikcola Sun 16-Jan-05 20:46:11

do dvla do one ?

misdee Sun 16-Jan-05 20:47:08

yeah, but they are pricey compared to some of the others.

i'm ok with the theory part, but want to prepare for the hazard peception a bit more, and cant do it online to practise.

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 16-Jan-05 20:48:06

I had one that I bought from GAME. Can't remember who made it, though.... I wish I'd have kept hold of it as you could have had it for postage. We gave it to DH's hairdresser for nothing

nikcola Sun 16-Jan-05 20:48:08

hope you get on ok have u booked ur theroy yet then ?

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 16-Jan-05 20:48:44

I paid £9.99 for it

misdee Sun 16-Jan-05 20:49:19

i've got to update my liscence details this week (still havent done itand we moved in august), and then can book theory. once i pass that i am doing an intensive course asap.

Evesmama Sun 16-Jan-05 20:50:48

i have both of them(sil has them at min, but can get them back), would you like a lend till you pass???save you forking out

misdee Sun 16-Jan-05 20:51:52

ooo please. that would be great.

nikcola Sun 16-Jan-05 21:00:47

ohhhh good luck you will fly through it xxxxxxx

Evesmama Sun 16-Jan-05 21:08:39

have just emailed sil to bring them down when they come at weekend, so if you cat me, ill get them sent to you

misdee Sun 16-Jan-05 21:09:54


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