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If you'd like more choice & info about rear-facing stage 1 car seats....

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Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 07:41:11

...please think about signing this petition please. Having read a bit more on the subject (which I saw on here a few weeks ago), I now would love to see if it's possible to bring about a few changes which would offer people more choice when moving on from baby seats. See what you think? Not suggesting that everyone should go rear-facing or anything like that, but just that want to get the alternative in more shops and people more informed. So lets see just what MN can do.grin (The petition has 179 signitures at the moment.) And finally, check out for tonnes more info if you have a few minutes. Thanks. smile

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 09:13:31


Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 16:01:52

Bump for the evening.

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 18:29:02


Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 20:08:45

I'm not giving up here either. grin

suzi2 Thu 15-May-08 20:15:52

I did it a while back I think... from the rearfacing website? Was that the one? Or maybe I did other petitions lol.

TheHedgeWitch Thu 15-May-08 20:19:27

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Thu 15-May-08 20:21:32

Have posted on other thread.

The wording on the petition is wrong (as it is on the group TheHedgeWitch).

You are talking about Group 1, not Stage 1.

There is a difference.

MerlinsBeard Thu 15-May-08 20:22:57

how many threads are you going to starthmm

KelaH Thu 15-May-08 20:23:31

Have signed, and joined the facebook group

TheHedgeWitch Thu 15-May-08 20:24:29

Message withdrawn

diplodocus Thu 15-May-08 20:33:21

We've got one and I'm a true believer. Will sign the petition.

diplodocus Thu 15-May-08 20:38:54

By the way, you can get them in the UK - They're sold as specialist seats for children in hip spicas, but can Britax ones can be purchased from Told you I was an evangelist!

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 20:54:30

Just these 3 Mumofmonsters blush....took a while to get noticed and I'm not one to give up easily grin. Anyone else willing to sign up for alternatives to be more available for those that would like one?

FluffyMummy123 Thu 15-May-08 20:55:35

Message withdrawn

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 21:02:15

Thank you icod, credit where credit's due n' all that...your link was the one that got me started wink. Have yet to make my tele debut, but if your people want to speak to my people my rates are quite reasonable...grin

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 21:07:42

Hedgewitch...No, of couse not...I'm the latecomer!

MrsAki Thu 15-May-08 21:33:42

It would have been me on the South Today. Glad it caused some stir

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 21:52:47

Was this it? here or is there another one?

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo Thu 15-May-08 21:59:29

It looks as though it's easier to place a child in a rear facing seat - although I suspect you'd have problems if you had 3 in the back seat.

MrsAki Thu 15-May-08 22:18:15

That's the one, Pixiepants. It was headlining and all...

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 22:22:56

Brilliant. Well done. How long have you being campaigning btw? (Will go to bed soon...will go to bed soon...)

TheHedgeWitch Thu 15-May-08 22:31:54

Message withdrawn

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 22:44:35

I bet you're right Hedgewitch. I posted on the other thread that a spokesperson from Britax told me today that UK parents don't want them. I, like many others, didn't know they existed 3 weeks ago....I think their market research might need updating or alternatively lets update it for them and ask why you have to go to Milton Keynes to buy one and have if professionally fitted? here

Pixiepants Thu 15-May-08 22:50:11

And another thing...(she's off). The biggest joke is that the Britax model is manufactured in Andover (near Southampton), exported for the Sweedish (I think, if not somewhere in Europe) market and then imported back to the UK to In-Car safety Shop in MK....What is that about? Just think about how price and the carbon footprint could be altered if they were just sent directly to UK retailers?

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