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bath seat

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Ellaroo Thu 13-Jan-05 22:25:26

Hello, I wonder if anyone can tell me about those bath seats that a baby can sit upright in that's round with some beads to play with at the front. I am interested in one for my 9 month old ds, but want to know a couple of things:
What sort of age are they safe until?
Are they safe? - can the child tip the whole thing up if they reach out for something in the water in front of them?


KatieMac Thu 13-Jan-05 22:29:12

I used one when my DD wasn't sitting up properly - but she kept leaning over and it left marks on her. When she could sit up - I didn't feel she needed it...

But that doesn't answer your questions ...sorry

Davros Thu 13-Jan-05 22:31:29

I've got a Tomy one with very firm suckers that fix to the bottom of the bath. Found it wonderful with both children. I know some people dont see the point but it just leaves your hands free to play with or wash the baby and you can step away to get a towel etc.

franch Thu 13-Jan-05 22:32:04

I think they're quite safe - they have suckers on the bottom - but only really suitable for babies who are at the sitting supported stage. We put ours in the loft once DD was sitting unaided - it hampered her too much and was pretty much impossible to get her in and out of.

PicadillyCircus Thu 13-Jan-05 22:35:54

My DS had one from about 6.5 months (before he could sit up unsupported) until he was about 9 months or so I think. He is a slender baby but by then his legs got stuck when I got him out and I realised that he was fine on a bath mat and enjoyed it more.

But it was very good when he couldn't sit up on his own.

Angeliz Thu 13-Jan-05 22:36:32

My dd had gorgeous chuncky thighs which seemed to stick on the way out so we didn't use it much.

Little sumo wrestler she was, i think they are a great idea though

mishi1977 Thu 13-Jan-05 22:36:54

hi ella
they are safe but like someone else said my ds hated it as he used to slip and catch his willy...instead i put a non slip bath mat on the bottom and he sat up on the time he used it for about a month from 5mths to 6...he was good at sitting up so actually prefered being free...the mat is great as it makes the bottom not slippy

Carameli Fri 14-Jan-05 09:36:58

I've got this one bath seat
and dd is now 15mths and still loves it. She does not really need it now but its great to use when I am washing her hair and she hates that happening so the balls take her mind off whats happening.
It also gives me free hands to wash and reach for a towel without worrying. Our bath is very slippery so if we did not use that I'd probably need a bath mat so I think they are great.

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