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Shabby Chic - need an expert!!!!

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kinkipinki Thu 13-Jan-05 21:03:43

Extension started 3 days ago and going ok, when finished will have an open plan kitchen/dining area and family room - cream wood kitchen, brown granite, fake fireplace with range oven, bay window with window seat, laura ashley print, chandelier above dining table, tile floor, rugs Problem is dont know what table and chairs to go for or where to start. Initial thought was wood table and go round antique/second hand places for six different chairs (sis says sounds like monicas place on friends or Osbournes kitchen)but never done anything like this and dont know where to begin, help!!!!!!!!!!

Demented Thu 13-Jan-05 21:21:43

I've got a friend who's really into shabby chic. She gets alot of stuff from e-bay, try putting shabby chic in the search box on e-bay and loads of household stuff comes up, including chairs etc.

Your kitchen sounds gorgeous!

kinkipinki Thu 13-Jan-05 21:28:32

ta, will try that, very exited, just went to laura ashley on line, as I do , and the chandelier I fell in love with has been reduced by 56%, just made a purchase !!!Yippeeeeee

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