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Reins - Yes or No?

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RudyDudy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:13:12

My DS is nearly 15 months and now he is walking quite confidently and independently wants to get out of his pushchair and walk wherever we are. We were out and about today and I was trying to keep hold of his hand and push the pushchair and juggle oranges (well, not quite but you know what I mean) and I wondered whether life would be easier and he would be safer if he were on reins.

I know nothing about them - does anyone have any experience? Should I get some? Are there different types?


Tommy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:15:22

I think you may find 2 definite schools of thought here! I used reins with my DS1 from about the same age and found them really useful. I have every intention of using them again with DS2. The fabric type ordinary ones from Mothercare i found were fine - easy to adjust and so on. I'm sure you'll find that others would disagree with me and say that children are not dogs/horse etc and shouldn't be kept on reins!

Laylasmum Wed 12-Jan-05 19:17:50

i agree reins can be a bloody godsend and they prevented many bruised and cut knees when dd was still a bit wobbly!!

RudyDudy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:17:52

I was a bit nervous that it might be a controversial one but it occurred to me this afternoon that I have never heard / read an opinion on them - unlike just about everything else baby-related. Will wait and see!!

kid Wed 12-Jan-05 19:20:45

I didn't use the reins on DD much as she didn't start to walk until 21 months. I used them loads on DS (and wish I still could at 2.9). I have seen people literally drag their kids along on the reins which I disagree with. I tried the wrist strap with DS but he used to pull it off. Definately recommend the reins.

Caligula Wed 12-Jan-05 19:22:54

Reins are good. They've saved my DD's life on several occasions. They're better than wrist straps because they don't yank anything. And sometimes, the alternative is having a child who wants to walk in the buggy, and I'd always prefer my child to walk if s/he wants to.

Amanda3266 Wed 12-Jan-05 19:27:34

Wow! I'd no idea reins were contraversial. I've got some for my ds and use them if we're walking near a busy road or when down at the local coastal path. Think they are great - he gets the freedom and enjoyment of walking but I have control over where.


Heathcliffscathy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:30:48

rudy, you can get a little backpack with reins attached, which is cute, looks less like a lead (not that i think that's really an issue, after all, this is about fostering independence but also being safe) and will become your ds's first backpack when he's grown out of needing reins. you can get them in john lewis.

RudyDudy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:31:46

that sounds adorable sophable . Will have a look on their website.

Coj Wed 12-Jan-05 19:32:48

To tell you the truth I never liked the look of them (ch being dragged along) Until I was in that situation. Now they are fantastic!
I have the Littlelife rucksac one. Ds wears rucksac & extra clip across chest & I have a parent handle attached to sac. Ds doesn't even realise they are on. Loves the rucksac so much she wants to wear it at home!

Heathcliffscathy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:33:02

don't know if the backpack will be on the web, it's made by littlelife i think, and it was a tenner.

RudyDudy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:34:01

isn't on the website but am in town tomorrow so will go and get one - it sounds fab!

Heathcliffscathy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:39:21

here it is

Heathcliffscathy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:39:31

scroll down

RudyDudy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:43:15

Thanks for that sophable.

Love it - he will look tooo adorable for words! Or am I just getting carried away by the excitement of having a toddler..???

IloveMarmite Wed 12-Jan-05 19:45:09

Yes, yes and yes again. I think they are wonderful, and a really good way of allowing a little practice at independence without any of the associated panic as you try and juggle everything at once!

charlie95 Wed 12-Jan-05 19:46:47

i think reins are great. have used them on ds since he was walking at 19/20 mths, still use them now, aged 4. but he doesnt have much road sense/saftey sense quite yet due to SEN/developmental delay.
surprisingly just recently when out shopping with him on reins more and more older generation are commenting about how good it is see a child on reins these days, that generally they dont seem to be used much these days compared to their generation's children. and they always say how good ds is with them on - my theory is if you start early then they get used to it and get on with it - accept them more perhaps.

RudyDudy Wed 12-Jan-05 19:51:46

Not controversial at all then apparently! Will heed the resounding yes vote as I think that the safety aspect wins out over anything else. Plus the fab rucksack thingy sounds like a real winner. Just one of the reasons I love MN

mishi1977 Wed 12-Jan-05 19:58:54

my ds is 15mths..(yesterday where does time go)...anyway sorry to digress....he hates the reins but will quite happily wear the wrist strap..mainly i think because it is over his jacket so he cant tell its there...if he is in reins he tends to throw himself to the floor and refuse to may be worth asking someone you know if you can try them for an afternoon to see if your DS will like them or prefer wrist strap

TwoIfBySea Wed 12-Jan-05 20:06:29

There are quite a few stores that sell them but I found the designs really boring. One of my neighbours used the set her mum used on her! Really cute leather with a little lamb motif but the ones I got were just blue and green stripes.

I used them on dst, they are now 3 so I only use them now if I have them on my own and we are going somewhere busy. They were essential as my two can outrun me even when they were just learning, plus they would go in different directions! I would use them while also holding their hands but you know what little ones are like, the slightest distraction and off they go. Especially in busy areas or near traffic reins are invaluable. Now they know to hold my hand or their daddy's hand.

I can't see why anyone would be against them really as they are excellent in giving your bub the idea they are gaining independence (while you hold onto the reins and kind of steer them now and again!) I must admit to winding people up who would tut or give me looks or on one occassion say something by waggling the rein straps and saying "mush!" I didn't get many negative reactions though, just from my cousin but that is a whole other boring story.

joash Wed 12-Jan-05 20:21:30

go for the reins - I only ever used them with DD1 (DD2 and DS were very good) - but using them now with GS - an absolute godsend. (the reins and him - awww bless.)

galaxy Wed 12-Jan-05 20:48:56

I use reins for dd (Pooh Bear fabric ones from Boots) and she likes havng them on. If we're out shopping, she holds the side of the pushchair but I stillhave my hands through the reins for security.

Forgot to take them to London a couple of weeks ago and she was out of the pushchair in Hamleys. I turned to look at something for less than 5 seconds and she disappeared. Wouldn't have happened if she'd been on reins. half a minute of sheer panic.

Tommy Wed 12-Jan-05 20:49:30

Mine uses the wrist strap now (age 3) otherwise he runs off in shops and plays hide and seek behind clothes racks - very scarey. He hated the strap before though and preferred the reins. Once I get the reins on DS2 and the wrist strap on DS1, I'll look like Mrs Hunneybun from Camberwick Green or wherever with all her little dogs on leads!

lockets Wed 12-Jan-05 21:16:23

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 12-Jan-05 21:17:00

i use reins with dd2. i tend to hold her hand but also have the reins on just in case she slips my grip. that way i feel we are enforcing good habit6s of walking holding hands, but also have safety of reins there as well.

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