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dyson has died!! ahhhhh

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katzguk Wed 12-Jan-05 18:55:11

what shall we get to replace it?

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 18:56:29

not another dyson!

FineFigureFio Wed 12-Jan-05 18:58:07

a hoover

katzguk Wed 12-Jan-05 18:58:20

quite liked my dyson picked up lots of dog fur

what would you recommend

FineFigureFio Wed 12-Jan-05 19:00:49

I have an animal dyson, itr is very good

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 19:00:51

Oh, the Miele Cat and Dog for you then - Which magazine love it. It has a special filter and turbo-brush-heads. Hang on, will find you a link. (I am a bit evangelistic about Mieles. Others prefer Sebo and Henry!)

Beetroot Wed 12-Jan-05 19:01:25

Message withdrawn

FineFigureFio Wed 12-Jan-05 19:01:29

yes my mum has one of those, miele cat and dog v.good too

katzguk Wed 12-Jan-05 19:02:13

like upright hovers

Bagpuss30 Wed 12-Jan-05 19:02:38

Are you sure it's dead? My mum just got hers repaired by a Dyson agent and it didn't cost much. They came to the house to fix it too. I seem to remember her saying there is a maximum price they can charge for fixing them and don't think it was very much compaired to the price of a new one.


JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 19:03:02

Have a read of this thread too ; the Miele is here .

kalex Wed 12-Jan-05 19:28:06

I wouldn't fixx my dyson if it broke I would be releaved to be able to justify the expense of a new vacumn. They are rubbish IMO

warmmum Wed 12-Jan-05 19:33:54

I rejoiced when Dyson died and I went out to buy a standard Miele which you pull along the floor with bags etc. etc. It's brilliant. I love it. I use it because I love it soooo much!!

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 19:40:40

And you can carry a Miele up and down the stairs without doing your back in

stellarmum Wed 12-Jan-05 19:42:47

ooh have to jump in here and say the same thing happened to me... dyson died not sure what to do... tried mending it and then janh recommended the miele... and dear god has my life changed!! it's brilliant..fierce, compact, my dog and 3 cats have no chance!! janh... you are my god!! and I forgot to tell you before!!

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 20:11:48

thank you, stellarmum! Glad to help!

(Have disturbing images now of your dog and 3 cats inside your Miele...but no...)

kalex Wed 12-Jan-05 20:24:58


Love it, hope you are really embarassed. Not only the goddess but the all seeing eye. She knows what we do every second of the day, she is just to tactful to post all on Mumsnet

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