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Size 22 / 24 maternity trousors??

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candydoll Wed 12-Jan-05 12:42:57

Size 22 / 24 maternity trousors?? anyone know were i can get some from??

candydoll Wed 12-Jan-05 13:56:42


Hausfrau Wed 12-Jan-05 14:02:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LunarSea Thu 13-Jan-05 10:46:47

I think I've still got some M&S size 20/22 mat jeans around somewhere. You're welcome to have them for postage if I can find them.

CarrieG Thu 13-Jan-05 10:53:30

I'm an 18-20 & lived in Evans linen trousers...I just kept increasing the size until I eventually wound up in size 26...they go up to 30 so this might work for you?

Not terribly flattering (as they get bigger they get baggier round the legs & bum!) but v cheap & comfortable.

WigWamBam Thu 13-Jan-05 11:37:55

Some larger size maternity wear here - trousers are on the second page.

I'm a size 26 in trousers, and I just used Evans elasticated waist trousers and baggy tops - not exactly trend-setting but comfy!

blotto Thu 13-Jan-05 11:54:15

Have you tried H&M? I lived in a pair of their tracky bottoms throughout my pregnancy as they had so much give in them. They looked a bit of a mess by the end to be fair but were incredibly comfy as they were elasticated and then also had a drawcord waist too (I am a size 24 in trousers).

taramac Thu 13-Jan-05 12:07:09

Bit of a change of subject but was just wondering - did you all get pregnant at the size you are now? And if so was the pregnancy ok?

I am a size 24 and really would like another baby but am terrified of getting too big or having complications. I dont know anyone else my size let alone anyone my size who is or has been preganant and would really appreciate any info.

taramac Thu 13-Jan-05 12:14:49

bump - please - really need to hear some positive larger ladies pregnancy stories.

CarrieG Thu 13-Jan-05 12:19:00

No problems at all - ended up 2 sizes slimmer than pre-pregnancy due to laying off booze & greasy food throughout pregnancy!

I also reckon that being a bit of an Amazon (I'm also nearly 6') meant I carried the extra weight really easily - was still on my feet teaching all day at 38 weeks. My slim friend, who is now 8 months pregnant, looks (her words!) like 'a rat who's swallowed a watermelon' & is finding it a real there is a positive side!

WigWamBam Thu 13-Jan-05 12:22:40

Taramac - when I got pregnant I was size 26 trousers, 32 top and weighed over 19 stone. I had no difficulty with becoming pregnant, and no real problems with the pregnancy either. Because of my size I was screened for gestational diabetes, which I had and which was easy to cope with. I didn't put on any weight at all until the last two weeks (spent the entire pregnancy throwing up!), and although it was a difficult pregnancy and birth, none of the problems that I had with my pregnancy were related to my size, apart from (possibly) the gestational diabetes.

taramac Thu 13-Jan-05 12:23:48

So you actually lost weight Carrie? Amazing! But your height sounds right for your size - I am only @ 5ft 3 and size 24 - so rather too large! I know noone can guarantee you won't have any difficulties but wondered if would receive negative response from the medical people - did you get any of that?

WigWamBam Thu 13-Jan-05 12:24:03

There are loads of bigger ladies around here, taramac - perhaps if you were to start a new thread asking the question, you would get a lot more response.

WigWamBam Thu 13-Jan-05 12:25:26

I had one very rude midwife who poked me in the stomach and said "That will mean you need a Glucose Tolerance Test, you shouldn't be eating for two you know" - but everyone else was lovely and my size was never mentioned by anyone else.

taramac Thu 13-Jan-05 12:27:29

Were you scared at all WWB being preggers at that size? I am just scared if I got pregnant I would panic like mad! I have had 2 miscarriages and 2 healthy pregnancies but none of which was I as big as I am now.

At the same time I can't see me losing all this weight any time soon! And if I did I certainly wouldnt want to put it all back on again by getting pregnant.

AAAgh I just dont know what to do. My 2 best friendss have recently got pregnant again - I am panicking that if I do have another child in the future I will be doing it on my own.

taramac Thu 13-Jan-05 12:28:59

I tried a thread a few months ago asking but didnt get much response thats why when I saw you all on this I jumped aboard!

I just dont know anyone my size at all and my friends dont seem to understand my concerns - they are all size 12's!

WigWamBam Thu 13-Jan-05 12:32:12

I wasn't really scared, just took it one step at a time. I was high risk because of my age, and I was monitored closely because of that and the GD, so knew that if anything were to go wrong, it would be spotted. I was advised not to put too much weight on, but not to diet and not to try to lose any while pregnant - but with throwing up all the time, that was never going to happen!

I wouldn't be too worried about my weight as regards another pregnancy, although I don't want any more children.

taramac Thu 13-Jan-05 12:34:34

Thanks WWB its been great to hear your experience and makes me realise it can be done - think I will have to think a bit more @ it tho. Thinking that I could be careful with what I eat when preggers anyway and hopefully not put too much more weight on. Thanks

WigWamBam Thu 13-Jan-05 12:38:19

If you want to cat me and talk some more by email, that would be OK.

bonkerz Thu 13-Jan-05 12:45:19

well i too am a larger lady! size 24 trouser and 26 top! i carried my first fine (had mc at 7 wks but due to antibiotics not weight) and am now pregnant again!
My sister is a size 30 and has had 3 easy pregnancies!!!! My midwife on monday launched into the stuff about being morbidly obese and how it could cause problems etc but you can be fat and still keep active and eat healthily which i do! Im hoping not to put on too much weight but i did lose weight with my first pregnancy and weighed less after giving birth than i had done beofre getting pregnant!

Eat healthily and stay active!!!

glitterfairy Thu 13-Jan-05 13:26:16

Tarmac I was huge during all my preganancies adn was described by my obstetrician as fit as a butchers dog! I got pre - eclampsia with my first but had my third at home. It made no difference at all honest. I was a size 30! With my second I went to ww throughout and they did a special diet and I lost two stone and was incredibly fit. After having him I got up and wlaked down to the bathroom had a bath and then wondered around asking to go home!

candydoll Thu 13-Jan-05 15:16:47

any more ideas for trousors please??

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