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Anyone care to recommend a detangler spray for toddler hair?

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CantSleepWontSleep Tue 06-May-08 21:15:55

Since dd often won't let me put normal conditioner in her hair, and then screams and/or cries when I comb it, I figure a spray detangler is the way to go. A quick google has confirmed that such things exist, so can anyone recommend a good one or warn about a bad one?

RosaLuxembourg Tue 06-May-08 21:17:52

I use Boots' own-brand coconut and almond leave-in conditioning spray. It make their hair really soft whereas I find the proper detangling sprays give it a very brittle feel. And it is way cheaper.

iamdingdong Tue 06-May-08 21:17:52

I have used the johnsons pink one and found that good, but am currently using l'oreal green one (pear flavour I think) which is not as good as johnsons IMO

squeaver Tue 06-May-08 21:18:12

I like the johnsons one in the pink bottle. At the hairdresser's, they use shea butter on dd's knots from hell but I think it's quite expensive.

But, tbh, adult conditioner is the best thing - have you tried mixing it up with her shampoo?

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 06-May-08 21:18:43

how does she not let you do it?

What kind of comb/brush do you use?

hatrick Tue 06-May-08 21:20:29

Message withdrawn

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 06-May-08 21:23:12

VVV - 'how does she not let you do it'.
I wash her hair when she's in the bath with me, and she climbs out if I say I'm going to put conditioner in!

littlelamb Tue 06-May-08 21:23:14

dd used to have crazy hair that just looked like I never brushed it blush. We have been using a leave in conditioner from Toni and Guy since she got her hair cut at Christmas and it has made a real difference- we have tried detangling sprays but I agree with RosaL that they can leave the hair really brittle. Another suggestion to deal with mad hair is to just cut it. I was so resistant to the idea, as dd is 3.10 but her hair has never managed to grow even down to her shoulders, but the hairdresser took a few inches off and transformed it.

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 06-May-08 21:25:18

Do you need to tell her?

Have you tried asking her to put it on herself?

<feel free to punch me if you've already tried this>

Ceolas Tue 06-May-08 21:28:35

My DD2 had very curly hair when she was a toddler/preschooler. We never used conditioner. Tried detangling sprays a few times (seem to remember Johnson's). They were effective, but when I ran out, I filled the bottle with plain water and it worked just as well!

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 06-May-08 21:30:00

Yes - I put some on her hands for her to do it herself, and she rubs it into her tummy hmm.


VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 06-May-08 21:49:05


Cut her hair?


I use an afro-comb on DD's hair (you've seen it, yes?)

MuffinMclay Wed 07-May-08 09:45:28

I use one from Toni & Guy on myself and have started using it on ds1 too. Cream bottle, red label, can't remember exactly what it is called but will have a look before I see you tomorrow.

fryalot Wed 07-May-08 09:47:14

The grown up "leave in conditioner" sprays are better than the kiddie "detangler" sprays.

If she doesn't like the spray, you can make up a mixture of conditioner and water and dip the brush/comb in it before running it through her hair and it will work in a similar way.

TheMadHouse Wed 07-May-08 09:51:38

I have to say detangling sprays never worked for mine either, we got the loreal kids range shampoo and conditioners and they smell of strawberrys and I let them do it themselves. They soon learnt that it meant no more cotters or pulling. I eben let them comb it themselves in the bath and both my boys have curly and sometimes matted hair.

TheMadHouse Wed 07-May-08 09:52:31

Other tip is to get her wash her babys hair in the bath with it too.

I am the mother and they will come round to my way grin They are not the boss of me grin

spicemonster Wed 07-May-08 09:52:45

After trying loads of different brands for her DD who is wheelchair-bound so her hair gets really matted at the back, my friend swears by Dark and Lovely leave-in conditioner on her DD's hair. Worth a try I'd have thought (and cheaper than T&G)

BettySpaghetti Wed 07-May-08 09:53:50

We bought the L'oreal one (in a green bottle) for DD afew years ago but it made her head itch like crazy so we stopped using it

Anchovy Wed 07-May-08 10:19:33

Another one with a wild-haired DD smile. She is 4 and has beautiful mad curls, but bugger me they are high maintenance.

I found the detangler sprays quite dryinging and also quite chemical-y (DD had quite bad eczema, particularly on her face, when younger and I don't like those sprays going on her face). Interesting that other people found them itchy.

We spray with water in the morning and then follow that with gently rubbing in some light leave-in conditioner (currently a Bumble & Bumble one because hairdresser recommended it and we are hair ponces). Then comb with a wide toothed comb while giving a running commentary how in my day grandma wasn't anywhere near as gentle with my hair.

billybass Wed 07-May-08 10:31:41

Ooooh yes, I will recommend Tesco own brand. It is excellent but does leave Dd smelling of a fuit

I also use it on my long haired guinea pig.

fishie Wed 07-May-08 10:35:44

ds has fine hair which tangles. daniel galvin junior is really really good but i think it might have been discontinued. i got it in 99p stores.

don't comb curly hair when it is dry, only when wet or it'll break and tangle even more. anchovy's method sounds great.

Alderney Wed 07-May-08 17:15:45

I use Avon's Jojoba and Pomegranate spray - I also use it until its half empty and then top it up with tapwater.

My DD2 has the WILDEST toddler hair ever and it really helps tame it

PandaG Wed 07-May-08 17:19:04

I put an inch of conditioner in a spray bottle, top up with water, shake and use that!

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 08-May-08 08:50:41

Thanks ladies. I thought I'd be lucky to get a couple of responses to this, so am delighted to now be spoilt for choice!

Coconut and almond sounds lovely Rosa, so if I can get to a Boots in the next couple of days then I shall go for that. Otherwise it will be whatever Waitrose/Tesco have in stock from your list of recommendations!

fishie - we use a daniel galvin shampoo on her, so I will check if there is a spray in that range too.

Amapoleon Thu 08-May-08 08:58:38

I use the Johnsons pink one. I have used an Avon one as well but the Johnsons is easier to get hold of.

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