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lovely new towels

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nailpolish Tue 11-Jan-05 12:39:44

just wanted to tell you all about my lovely new towels. i bought them in tesco and they are very fluffy (ive washed them and tumbled them) nice and thick and dry your face amzingly well. dd was wrapped in one last night after her bath and she even commented! they are half price at the moment, ie £2.99 for a hand towel!

Kayleigh Tue 11-Jan-05 12:41:15

Congratulations on the arrival of your lovely new towels. I hope you will all be very happy together

secur Tue 11-Jan-05 12:41:53

Message withdrawn

secur Tue 11-Jan-05 15:31:46

Message withdrawn

moondog Tue 11-Jan-05 15:33:55

WELCOME to the new towels!!

nailpolish Tue 11-Jan-05 15:48:36


they are so cosy on the radiators

secur Tue 11-Jan-05 16:35:05

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Tue 11-Jan-05 19:43:48

Oh, don't do this to me, I've always had a towel fetish, and can't get to a Tesco's at the moment !

misdee Tue 11-Jan-05 19:45:39

i am the same with new towels.

oh and new fresh bedding. i have to jump into bed b4 dh when we buy new bedding.

nailpolish Wed 12-Jan-05 21:18:09

i love times like when you have newly line-dried sheets on your bed, smellling all outsidey and clean jammies on straight after a bath and you climb into bed.


misdee Wed 12-Jan-05 21:18:37

thats heaven!!

misdee Wed 12-Jan-05 21:19:10

even better if its a cold blustery day and you put a hot watewr bottle or leccy blanket in there as well and its all snuggly and warm.

nailpolish Wed 12-Jan-05 21:22:08

oh yes!

my dh is lovely - i work nightshift and when i come home after a long drive in the cold, at the weekends when he will be off, i come in and he has wrapped my jammies round the hot water bottle for me! awww

moondog Wed 12-Jan-05 22:11:21

Oh what a darling your dh sounds np! I will tell mine. I have to have a hottie every night and he sneers at me.
My fetish is flannel pyjamas-so unsexy but who needs sex when you feel all warm and cosy, pref. with a nice trashy mag to read as well!?
(God, I'm so pathetically easy to please!)

nailpolish Wed 12-Jan-05 22:13:05

cool! cosy jammies and a hot water bottle and a mag. how fab.

why not try the cosy jammies with sussies underneath - bet your dh changes his mind then!

moondog Wed 12-Jan-05 22:20:28

Well yes, he'd LOVE that-if I could be arsed to oblige...which I can't (not with a 6 mth old anyway)
Maybe in a few months...if he's very good.
Actually, he was a darling tonight. Went to his work New year party (bit late I know). Took the kids because I don't like leaving them in a new country yet. He took complete control of both, while I smoked loads of fags, downed beers like they were going out of fashion and flirted with his rather gorgeous colleague from Izmir, who has promised to take me out shopping (without the kids!!)

Only trouble is I feel really guilty now for dragging them out and exposing them to smoke and debauchery. Being a mother...sigh. Guilt guilt guilt.

Hey! We had a haggis! His colleague is from Glasgow and brought one out! They also laid into the whiskey but I left then...being the angle that I am....

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