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What type of bathroom floor do you have?

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cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 16:00:44

We discovered a leaking pipe under our bath last night and subsequently had a plumber round this morning. In light of this we have now finally had the incentive to replace the old carpet that's been there since we moved in.
Don't think we want carpet again. The room is pale yellow with the bath and units clad in white tongue and groove.
So what do you have and what do you think would look good?

Hulababy Mon 10-Jan-05 16:04:57

We have tiles on the floor in the bathroom. Infact they are the same tiles that are used on the walls too - in a very pale beige colour.

Definitely wouldn't get carpet for bathroom.

jampots Mon 10-Jan-05 16:06:05

We have Karndean in light oak - rest of bathroom is white.

CountessDracula Mon 10-Jan-05 16:07:03

Limestone tiles in one (cold in winter, if I had done them would have put underfloor heating in for sure)

Oak in the other, lovely.

lou33 Mon 10-Jan-05 16:07:12

we ripped out the carpet when we moved in and replaced it with large off white rough surfaced tiles. Better grip for slippery kids

BubblesDeVere Mon 10-Jan-05 16:07:27

I have a beech laminate flooring effect lino, the rest of the bath is white.

Tinker Mon 10-Jan-05 16:08:17

Wooden floor in mine

bakedpotato Mon 10-Jan-05 16:09:56

we have tiffany-blue tongue-and-groove, white walls and pale grey lino on the floor (not squares, a big expanse). i like it very much, warm, easy to clean, great colour, but if we were doing it again i'd go for a more mottled variant for practical reasons: more forgiving of marks left by splashes of viakal etc.

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 16:10:20

I love the idea of a wooden floor - how do you seal it? Or have you not found moisture and splashes a problem?

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 16:11:39

bakedpotato - yours sounds lovely. We had lino in our past house but I didn't really like the patterns available. Grey sounds good though.

jampots Mon 10-Jan-05 16:12:36


Beetroot Mon 10-Jan-05 16:12:58

Message withdrawn

Tinker Mon 10-Jan-05 16:14:28

Wooden floor is varnished - done before I moved here. It does have attractive hair dye stains on it however (and those are mine)

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 16:15:23

Those of you with tiles - are they very cold and do the children slip over when wet?

BadHair Mon 10-Jan-05 16:15:33

Plain blue carpet - though might change it for laminate when we decorate the vile place later this year.
Quite like carpet though - find hard surfaces a bit cold on the tootsies.

donnie Mon 10-Jan-05 16:15:36

large white tiles with tiny green ones in between for a diamond effect. V nice.

Beetroot Mon 10-Jan-05 16:16:25

Message withdrawn

frogs Mon 10-Jan-05 16:17:48

About to get our bathroom done with Marmoleum , which is a modern take on lino, available in pretty much any colour and design option you like. It's an all-natural product, wipe-clean and warm and soft underfoot.

We're going for a bluey-grey mottled colour.

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 16:17:50

What is Karndean? Is it posh lino?

Hulababy Mon 10-Jan-05 16:18:38

No, our tiles don't feel cold and they aren't slippy either. They have more of a matt finish than a shiny one - so maybe it is the fnish that determines if slippy or not???

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 16:21:18

Must be. I like the sound of lou33's 'rough' tiles!

noddyholder Mon 10-Jan-05 16:24:37

just about to do ours we decided on a wooden floor quite darl white suite stone tiles Had tiles in last house I loved them but dp and ds thought they were too cold

noddyholder Mon 10-Jan-05 16:24:53

meant quite dark!

iota Mon 10-Jan-05 16:26:28

laminate in the minimal splash zone (our ensuite) and karndean in the very wet splash zone (kids bathroom)

lou33 Mon 10-Jan-05 16:41:07

we got teh rough feeling type so they didn't slip. esp important with ds2, and my dodgy knee.

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