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Has anyone tried the Koochi Pushchair? Am looking for an alternative to Maclaren

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LovelyKay Thu 01-May-08 22:23:28

Am looking for a lightweight stroller to take on holiday and saw the Koochi Pushchair Footmuff and Bag at 69.99 from Argos.

I know Maclarens are the holy grail for most but my daughter really didn't like how 'laid back' the seat was in the Triumph and spent all the time struggling to sit more upright.

We do need one with high handles though due to DHs enormity and this Koochi thing claims a handle height of 109cm which sounds excellent.

Any advice gratefully received. Otherwise will probably wimp out, get a Volo and gaffer tape her down...

naomi83 Mon 05-May-08 18:44:13

check out bebe confort vit, perfect for babies that like to sit very upright and don't nap in the buggy. the handle is adjustable to very high and very low, and it weighs 4kg, same as volvo!

laura2100 Wed 28-May-08 22:07:04

I just bought the koochi pushchair with footmuff and bag (It also comes with the rain cover and changing mat!!) And I'm so impressed. I also have the mammas and pappas beat buggy (also sold at argos) which was approx £100 and I'd say the koochi is on par if not better due to the price!
At the moment the koochi is only £49.99... So i'd definately recommend you all to rush out and buy!! Great Bargain and a Quality product!

babyjjbaby Fri 30-May-08 20:32:14

yep just bought a cosatto disney buzzy bear one which is the same as the koochi one they r actually the cosatto swift lite pushchairs and r real nice my one was £60 and came with the bag and footmuff and raincover go on buy one lolgrin

berrin Sat 26-Jul-08 19:58:47

Hi There, is this the koochi roadrunner or the Galverston you have bought? I am thinking to buy the roadrunner but wasn't sure if they r any good as never heard or seen it before..thanks

laura2100 Thu 04-Sep-08 02:53:39

I have the GALVERSTON- which comes with the added extras. But if you're not in need of the footmuff/bag etc I'm sure the roadrunner would be great too!


dollyspud Wed 01-Oct-08 12:01:22

I have the KOOCHI push chair and my son loves it He always hated getting into his mcclaren stroller but since this one he climbs in himself. It is a gr8 buy.

peepoe Sat 27-Feb-10 21:10:42

Hi, can anyone help me? I have just bought a Koochi Roadrunner stroller on Ebay and I cannot fold it down! Apparently one reviews this is really easy to do, so feel a bit silly asking but I think I've tried everything!

sugalollz Mon 01-Mar-10 12:26:46

to fold the koochi roadrunner ther is a bar at the bottom that u push up then at the back of the seating area there is also another bar that you push up to fold

hope this has helped

peepoe Fri 05-Mar-10 20:30:12

Thank you very much! I have done it, yeah!

sugalollz Sun 21-Mar-10 18:45:37

your welcome

christin1971 Thu 22-Apr-10 16:24:18

I am also having problems folding my roadrunner!I have pushed up both the bottom and back bar but it is refusing to budge! any advice appreciated thanks!

Isimum2 Mon 20-Jul-15 13:02:51

Hi i got the roadrunner and i cant get to close ! I have tried everythingg.. :-(

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