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Do you like this jacket??

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cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 11:20:17

Need a second opinion!
I have been lusting after this jacket in Boden for a while and have just bought it in the sale (in the spearmint colour).
Dh thinks it is ghastly, the colour is too bright and it looks like something his gran would wear.
I am now no longer sure!
What do you think?!

starlover Mon 10-Jan-05 11:22:17

it looks like a nice jacket! if you like it then keep it!
never listen to what men have to say about clothes!

gscrym Mon 10-Jan-05 11:24:20

Just tell him his gran is a stylish lady with impeccable taste.

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 11:26:24

His gran is a little bit 'nutty' (their nickname for her) which is what has got me worried!

lou33 Mon 10-Jan-05 11:28:39

Have to say the colour is a bit old lady imo, but i like the jacket itself.


cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 11:29:49

Interesting - not just my dh then... [ponders]

Merlot Mon 10-Jan-05 11:30:36

- I'm too heavy to wear anything like that as its paddedness would make me look like man mountain

If you like it - go for it

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 11:34:21

I do like it. And I know that dh often thinks he doesn't like an item of my clothing but once he's used to it he'll admit to changing his mind.
But for some reason I'm still not sure. Probably because it's dd's birthday soon and I'm thinking the price of it could go to something else!

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 11:36:31

And I have to admit to often being swayed by Johnny Boden's descriptions in the catalogues...
I do have a weak spot for Boden which is why I can no longer trust my own decisions!!

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 10-Jan-05 11:36:39

Not my taste, tbh. I'd prefer something more fitted and less padded.

LIZS Mon 10-Jan-05 11:40:32

Personally wouldn't have chosen that colour but style looks fine to me.

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 11:46:56

Yes, the colour is what seems to be making me most unsure. It is actually brighter than it appears in the picture.

Merlot Mon 10-Jan-05 11:51:48

Personally, I like the look of the Coral one (but surely Jade must be making a comeback if Boden have it in stock - its not exactly Littlewoods is it?)

nasa Mon 10-Jan-05 11:52:51

don't like it. sorry.

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 11:55:21

Those of you who don't like it - is it the colour or the style?

nasa Mon 10-Jan-05 11:56:11

both but mainly the colour

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 10-Jan-05 11:56:15

Both, for me I'm afraid. Puffa styles rarely flatter any figure.

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 12:00:09

That's it then - it's going back.
(I think )

lou33 Mon 10-Jan-05 12:07:46

Colour mainly, but puffas are not v flattering unless you look like the models. Jacket looks ok shape wise, but they never look as good irl imo. She says sitting in a knee length puffa at the pc unable to get used to the cold!

Beetroot Mon 10-Jan-05 12:08:05

Message withdrawn

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 12:15:56

I am not as slim - I am a size 12. It is lovely and warm and I love the gillet. I really love duck egg green and variants on it but this is really turquoise.

SPARKLER1 Mon 10-Jan-05 12:21:09

I love the jacket - love the colour but not too sure about them both together. Your choice though!!

cupcakes Mon 10-Jan-05 12:27:20

Ah! Somebody who likes the colour!

Fimbo Mon 10-Jan-05 12:46:34

Hi Cupcakes. Afraid I am agreement with Sparkler like the jacket and the colour - just not together!!

<<says she who wants a green mac out of Laura Ashley that has been reduced from £130.00 to £80.00>>

juniperdewdrop Mon 10-Jan-05 13:09:41

not as slim at size 12 fgs!!! get a grip woman

What's your skin tone and hair colour cupcakes? That makes all the difference IMO.

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