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waterproof jackets and trousers ?

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bensmum3 Mon 10-Jan-05 10:55:28

Hi, my ds is on his 3rd pair of waterproof trousers in 6 months, can anyone recommend any strong, really waterproof makes that sell on line ?

amynnixmum Mon 10-Jan-05 10:58:17

Oswald Bailey used to do some good ones.

beachyhead Mon 10-Jan-05 10:59:48

great little trading company used to do some good ones

tiptop Mon 10-Jan-05 11:04:41

I regularly buy from Cotswold at I don't think that Hawkshead do kiddies stuff, but you could try them at Also Millets. Hth.

LunarSea Mon 10-Jan-05 13:35:22

How old is he? I've got several pairs in various sizes which ds (now 3) has now grown out of.

CountessDracula Mon 10-Jan-05 13:36:49

Got these for dd and they are really great

They have lots on the website

bensmum3 Mon 10-Jan-05 16:43:02

Hi Lunasea,
Ds 1 is 7 and ds2 is 18 months. Would be interested to hear what you have.

bensmum3 Mon 10-Jan-05 16:43:50

Sorry, forgot the r, Lunarsea !

SDragon Mon 10-Jan-05 16:44:42

Love Muddy Puddles (see CDs link). We have the puddle pack jackets and the £10 ish waterproof trousers.

bluesky Mon 10-Jan-05 17:35:51

Years ago Muddy Puddles was recommended to me on Mumsnet, just before we holidayed in Yorkshire/Lake District. They are brilliant, still buy from them now.

bensmum3 Mon 10-Jan-05 18:59:48

Thankyou, I'm off to look at the muddy puddles web site.

Hausfrau Mon 10-Jan-05 19:02:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LunarSea Mon 10-Jan-05 19:35:01

Probably have some in the 18 months to 3 years range - but they're in the attic, and with dh away this week I daren't go up there until ds is in bed, otherwise he's liable to follow me up the ladder! Will try to have a look later if I get a chance.

warmmum Mon 10-Jan-05 19:35:56

Children's Warehouse have some excellent ones which have lasted my dds 2 years - and counting.

LunarSea Thu 13-Jan-05 12:55:14

Haven't forgotten Bensmum3, just haven't managed to shake off the attentions of ds for long enough to get up to the attic yet!

bensmum3 Thu 13-Jan-05 19:25:50

Thankyou, I won't take the plunge and order any new ones just yet then.

joolee Fri 28-Jan-05 22:24:40

They're on sale in Blooming Marvellous at the moment. HTH

bea Fri 28-Jan-05 22:32:11

muddy puddles are fantastic... just bought the next size up for dd at bump to 3... they're having a sale on at the moment and they're £12 instead of the ordinary £22 from muddy puddles website... so get in ther quick... if you do go for them, check out the sizing from the MP website, as they are very generous... even though dd is small for her age (3 half!) she's in size 18-24 months bib and brace...

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