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Don`t be shocked, inflatable male doll wanted!

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triplets Mon 10-Jan-05 09:07:57

It is HONESTLY not for me! Thogh the thought of having a male that you can deglate and put away when you want to quite appeals! My friend Rosie has a 60th birthday next month and she has invited me and 7 others for a silly w/end on the Norfolk Broads all expenses paid! We are all trying to find very silly things as she has a good sense of humour, just as well with us lot! Does anyone have an inflatable they would like to sell, I have looked on the net and to buy they are £13 plus p&p! Or has anyone got any other brilliant ideas, must be funny!

triplets Mon 10-Jan-05 09:08:26

oops. meant deflate!

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