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XTS Twin Twister

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leahbump Sun 09-Jan-05 13:24:44

This has come up among my options for a double buggy. So has anyone got one..or have knowledge/ experience of one?

Are they any good/ do they have many faults?

currently my list is down to the powertwin, nipper and going to see them all next month but pushing them round the shop is never the same...learnt my lesson with number one doing that (really heavy mp 03)!

So I am calling on the wisdom and expereince of mumsnet!


(ps not sure about the e3 at all personally and dh doesn't like it at all!)

and it might be helpful to know I have an 18 months gap!!

brooke Sun 09-Jan-05 13:34:41

i'd say the powertwin is better as you have the option of a swivel wheel or a fixed and i think the nipper is just a fixed which i can imagine to be a nightmare with two to push

jbadgirl Sun 09-Jan-05 13:38:36

my mate has a phil and teds buggy and it is fab, she has a dd 8 weeks and her ds is 2

leahbump Sun 09-Jan-05 16:22:57

bump..anyone else???

Brooke- xts twister also has a swivel/fixed wheel and is lighter than the powertwin...which is why it's on the list- but you have voiced my fear of the nipper

We will look at phil and teds- but we are not happy about the baby location (think that it may be very hot in the summer) or the weight/balance issues which mean that it might tip. I also do not like the location of the toddle seat- it would be better to have the toddler higher up above the main seat so that bothe children can see....I know that it's a good pushchair, light etc otherwise...but just not convinced it's the best option for me.

brooke Sun 09-Jan-05 16:25:58

i've learn't something new then

The thing i likes about the powertwin is that you can add a carset on the back if you want to.

leahbump Sun 09-Jan-05 16:32:30

yes have considered that - travel system was used a fair bit when ds was little...however totally don't want to spend the extra money on a new car seat when I already have a perfectly good one!! I think the great virtue of the powertwin is that the hold the value quite well!! I will only need a double for about 12 months and so will sell on whichever I get!

Just want to add a Q..can anyone actually get the mothercare double three wheeler through their front door?? It's 88cm. They do a new one now with fixed/swivel wheel and it collapses really easy and quick with one hand!!???

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