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Any books that DD will love as much as DEAR ZOO?

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rouge Sat 08-Jan-05 23:43:25

She's a book-lover generally but nothing beats Dear Zoo. Nearly 1 yr old.

tillykins Sat 08-Jan-05 23:44:42

Mine is 14m old and the same author has done one called "dear me", same format, he loves it almost as much
Now we have to read both of them 10 times a day

mishi1977 Sat 08-Jan-05 23:45:44

the bloke who did dear zoo...rod campbell i think

has a coupld of other lift the flap books about numbers and abc which my ds loves ( he is 15mths) also likes a lot of the usborne lift the flap books

Tinker Sat 08-Jan-05 23:46:55

Mick Inkpen does lots of flap books I remember. Lovely illustrations.

alexsmum Sat 08-Jan-05 23:48:51

rod campbell did one called my presents which is similar..not quite as good
the other one my baby loves is peekaboo by jean ormerod. he giggles and giggles!

mishi1977 Sat 08-Jan-05 23:49:35

Ds also loves the hungry caterpillar and there was an old woman who swallowed a fly

monkeygirl Sat 08-Jan-05 23:50:19

My Presents by the same author.

Also the Wibbley Pig ones are great (sorry, can't remember the author)

tillykins Sat 08-Jan-05 23:50:37

Am looking at it now. Buster goes to the farm to stay with his grandma and she sends him out to find eggs for breakfast

... "so he went to the barn and asked the....(lift flap...its a cow...mooooo) No eggs here! Oh dear.
So he went to the sty and asked the ...(lift flap...its a pig...oink) no eggs here! Oh dear
So he went to the field and asked the...(lift flap, its a sheep....baaa) No eggs here! Oh dear"

And so on - won't tell you the ending, don't want to spoil it!

Tinker Sat 08-Jan-05 23:51:06

Wibbly Pig is Mick Inkpen I think

tillykins Sat 08-Jan-05 23:51:37

Wibbley pig is by Mick Inkpen

tillykins Sat 08-Jan-05 23:51:53


alexsmum Sat 08-Jan-05 23:51:53

did mick inkpen do wibbly pig?

Fran1 Sat 08-Jan-05 23:57:24

Brown Bear

Kipper series

And dd got a wonderful open-the-flap book for xmas called The Bedtime Bear, with very imaginative flaps and bits to pull out of the picture iykwim.

Nursery rhyme books were also dd's favourite about that age, she'd study the pics as i sang, to the point she'd know the order of songs off by heart, and would let me know about it if i attempted to miss one out! Although there was one song she would never let me sing (have no idea why, can't be my singing voice! can it?) Now we can play on the big bass drum - i think i used to get too carried away for her liking lol

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:26:32

Just out of interest, have you got the new pop up Dear Zoo? We haven't, we only have the original lift-the-flap version - I bet the pop up is fantastic though.

marthamoo Sun 09-Jan-05 00:27:46

And you probably have it already but "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle - it's an oldie, I know, but it's a damn near perfect toddler book and both mine have adored it.

Christie Sun 09-Jan-05 00:48:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rouge Sun 09-Jan-05 09:34:39

Ooh, thanks everyone - DD's birthday is coming up so I'll add all of these to her wishlist

marthamoo - I didn't even know there was a pop-up Dear Zoo - that might be too much excitement to handle!

dinosaur Sun 09-Jan-05 10:08:48

DS2 loved Dear Zoo, also loved the "That's not my.." books e.g That's not my train...

Hausfrau Sun 09-Jan-05 10:28:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blackduck Sun 09-Jan-05 11:15:37

Ds loves (but they aren't easy to find) a set of books called 'This little...' (doggy/lamb/fishy/can't remember the last one) they are small square hard books with loads of flaps, sliders etc...cost £1.99 published by Treehouse....

Blackduck Sun 09-Jan-05 11:17:06

Oh yes Hausfrau - the Baby Friends series - we are currently doing Busy Babies go swimming every morning!

tillykins Sun 09-Jan-05 11:21:31

Baby friends series? That sounds good, can someone give me some details please?

Blackduck Sun 09-Jan-05 11:28:13

TK they are produced by practical parenting. Whole series of them...

Blackduck Sun 09-Jan-05 11:37:16

TK - can get a set from thebookpeople for £2.99...

Hausfrau Sun 09-Jan-05 12:18:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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