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Retailers we like - Great customer service

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Casmie Sat 08-Jan-05 16:05:15

I've been whinging enough about crap customer service recently. Let's have a list of all the good retailers out there.

I'll start. We went to Staples today and ds1 (3yrs 8mths) suddenly decided he was DESPERATE for the loo. Big warehouse places not being well known for having loos we tried to tell him to hold on but he wasn't having any of it so we asked a member of staff.

They immediately took us through to the employee only section of the store and there was a beautifully clean disabled loo there. They waited patiently outside until ds1 was done, then escorted us back through the corridor to the store.

Going to write them a thank you letter, I think. If only more stores were like them!

MrsBigD Sat 08-Jan-05 16:12:28

oh how nice!

Haven't been to any big stores lately, but when we go down to our Kebab shop (not exactly retail I know) dd always is the star and gets free lollies

Had to barge into Pizza Oranic yesterday afternoon ad dd was DESPERATE to go to the loo. The staff didn't mind at all that we just used them as a 'pit stop'. Big tip for them next time we're there

geogteach Sat 08-Jan-05 19:06:48

Poundstretcher before Christmas, my buggy was squeaking and one of the staff went out the back and got oil and sorted it out for me! It had been like that for months.

Casmie Sat 08-Jan-05 19:14:13

Wow geogteach - that's fantastic!

marthamoo Sat 08-Jan-05 19:28:12

Lakeland Limited. They are fantastic - have been a customer for years. I bought one of those all singing, all dancing Baby Cook machines from them when I was weaning ds2 (they cook, puree, heat up - everything - really good piece of kit). When my friend had a baby I passed it on to her (it had been in our loft about 18 months) she found it had started spewing white bits onto the food when it steamed it.

I emailed Lakeland - more for advice than anything else. They immediately arranged to send me out a brand new one and collect the old one. I had no receipt, not even a box, and it was way out of warranty. Fantastic service!

And also a meantion for the nice lady in out local British Heart Foundation charity shop who fixed ds2's board book with copious amounts of sellotape when it finally fell apart in the shop. She didn't even flinch at how dribbly it was.

hattynewyear Sat 08-Jan-05 19:31:07

Brabant - bought one of their bins and the lid broke - but had lost receipt - emailed them to see how or even if I could get a replacement - one arrived in the post less than a week later

marthamoo Sat 08-Jan-05 19:40:42

That's nice to know, hatty, we bought a Brabantia bin just before Christmas.

Christie Sat 08-Jan-05 19:57:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WestCountryLass Sat 08-Jan-05 21:54:55


When my baby was a few weeks old I went and did the weekly shop, with pre-schooler in tow, and as I got to the check out my baby started to cry for food. Well they got someone to load up all my stuff, pack it and put it all back in the trolley for me and left it at custoemr services for me to collect after I had fed baby. Brilliant!

galaxy Sat 08-Jan-05 21:56:57

I second Brabantia. Our lid broke when we'd owned ours for 2 years and I emailed them to ask where I could get a replacement and they sent a new one without any charge.

Aero Sat 08-Jan-05 22:38:16

M&S online! Don't know if anyone remembers the thread about the toy fort just before Christmas which was reduced considerably to £15. Well it looked so lovely I ordered one. To my huge disappointment, it arrived broken in two places. I rang them and they had no more in stock but said a refund was no problem. However, I really liked it and thought we could mend it so perhaps they would compensate us with a voucher or something if I took it back and explained.
Anyway, it's rather heavy, so I rang again to ask if they would just send a voucher instead. They then just refunded my card totally and said there was no need to return the broken item!
Fabulous. Dh fixed it easily and we now have a £100 toy fort for free! Good old M&S.

helsy Sat 08-Jan-05 22:47:05

I fainted in M and S when pregnant with first dd about five years ago, and they took me into their staff area, sat me down, gave me drinks, and a member of staff waited with me until I felt better, then they ordered me a cab home and paid for it. I heart M and S.

SofiaAmes Sat 08-Jan-05 23:41:35

oooh COSTCO. They are so wonderful. And when i returned our compact hifi 4 months after I bought it because ds did something to it and the cassette player stopped working (i think he used it as a piggy bank), they didn't even ask why...just took it back.

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