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Oval Trampoline - Jumpking Oval Pod or Springfree one?

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barbamama Fri 25-Apr-08 22:43:27

Have waited so long and procrastinated so much have decided to look at getting one of these new-fangled oval trampolines.


Does anyone have one? Any good? Jumpking or Springfree?

It's for a 3.5 year old who goes to trampolining classes and hopefully to last a while.

soph28 Fri 25-Apr-08 22:48:32

We have a 14ft round JumpKing one with the net that is 'sewn' in all around the bottom. I got it a year ago for my 2yo ds (and me!) and it's fab. Has been in the garden all year with no cover and looks as good as new still. Has a great bounce and is really safe as there is no way the dc's can fall out or get caught in the springs. Ds (now 3) has used it loads and absolutely loves it.

soph28 Fri 25-Apr-08 22:53:13

Just had a look at your links. I remember I looked at the springfree one but I didn't like it very much. I did a lot of research. The oval Jumpking looks great, I would def go for that.

barbamama Fri 25-Apr-08 23:05:11

thanks for the recomendation - the jumpking one is calling to me too!

Where did you get yours? Everywhere online seems to have the new oval one for £399 just wondering if it is worth waiting a bit to see if the price comes down.

soph28 Sat 26-Apr-08 13:24:56

I think I got it from the website you had looked at. £399 seems like a good price, I think our was about £500. Depends how desperate you are to have a go on it grin. I wouldn't have thought the price will change that much.

One word of warning- the instructions that came with it were absolutely hopeless- they didn't explain how to assemble the frame properly at all. However, I called JumpKing and they talked me through it and it was actually fairly straightforward, just that the instructions were so basic they missed out vital info!

friendly Sun 18-May-08 20:40:21

another trampoline question...after loads of putting off and research etc think (oh help) we are going to go for the jumpking rather than the springfree, but is it worth going for the deluxe model or is the regular jumpking pod going to be okay for my troupe aged 10 down to 2?

Also how strict are you with your trampoline? Quite shocked the other day at friends house her children were on their trampoline doing somersaults (10 and 12) my ds was dying to have a go and I said definitely not. Of course he thought I was being a real spoilsport as usual. Also lots of people I know let their kids pile onto the trampoline and I was thinking of trying to enforce a one at a time policy. What do you do?

ScienceTeacher Sun 18-May-08 20:50:29

We have a Spring Free and it is fab. I would never get anything else. We've had ours coming up 3 years and it is very well used (5 kids, all year round) - it is still in perfect condition.

It has the best safety record, and it is silent. No sounds screech/scraw sounds at all.

ScienceTeacher Sun 18-May-08 20:54:53

Just clicked on the links. The JumpKing looks like any other trampoline, with horizontal springs. That means that it will be very noisy. It also means that it will take up more space in the garden than you get for jumping area.

With the Spring Free, the spring comes from vertical carbon fibre rods. This makes it both silent, and also means that you have no wasted space. A 12 foot trampoline means 12 foot jumping space.

CurrantBM Sun 18-May-08 20:59:42

We have the jumpking oval, and it's not noisy.

DD's 5 and 2.5.

On lots of the time, if more than one child on it we tend to group them in ages, so babies first etc, but no more than 3 at a time.

ljc7 Thu 28-May-09 15:28:55

Just the debate I'm having. I saw a youtube clip showing how if a small child put a finger in the fibre rods of the springfree, it would be sliced clean off. They did it with a carrot and it looked really nasty. BUT, am concerned about the possiblity of hitting head on outer metal rail with Jumppod oval, or is this really a pretty remote possibilty?

Any advice/experience would be helpful.



KathyBrown Thu 28-May-09 16:54:23

I think if a small child was left unsupervised on a trampoline they could do terrible damage to themselves, the point is you would leave them alone would you ?
We have the spring free and I am happy it was the best choice.

Pennies Thu 28-May-09 17:06:58

ljc7 - can you link to the you tube clip you referred to pls?

scienceteacher Thu 28-May-09 17:09:08

We have a Springfree - wouldn't have anything else.

scienceteacher Thu 28-May-09 17:09:57

Oops - old thread that I have already answered!

scienceteacher Thu 28-May-09 17:10:55

The fibre rods don't come together so I can't see how anyone could chop off their finger in them.

snigger Thu 28-May-09 19:55:09

We have the springfree and we're delighted with it - unless it's overloaded I can't foresee circumstances under which it could sever fingers of onlookers - it's remarkably safe, and I find the combination of zip and velcro means I can lock myself in there with a glass of wine and a book on a sunny day and the oiks can't get to me.

Even when they stand outside, the safety screen makes their mewling faces pleasantly fuzzy.

scienceteacher Thu 28-May-09 20:21:34

It is amazingly comfy to lie on - better than any lounger.

And if you spill your wine, it goes through the mesh grin

ljc7 Thu 28-May-09 21:23:54

Hmmmm quite a bit of difference in opinions. Here is the Youtube clip that put me off....

Let me know what you think. I'm just not sure with good supervision how dangerous or not the Jumppod is.


snigger Thu 28-May-09 22:16:57

To be honest, I think although obviously rigourous, the test video on youtube was not representative of standard use - few trampolines within normal budgets would withstand such extreme jumps - I noticed in the pinch test the tester jumped on the yellow striped area, which is a strict no-go in the instructions (hence the yellow stripes) - I guess if adults or children of similar weights were using you'd have to supervise small children, but the average child just wouldn't be able to produce adequate 'oomph' to pressurise the rods to that extent.

(I didn't watch the vid with sound btw, so sorry if the commentary had additional information I've missed)

We've had our springfree 18 months, DDs were 7 & 5 at the time of purchase.

Scienceteacher's right, too - wine does just disappear through the mesh grin

scienceteacher Thu 28-May-09 22:26:39

We've had 20 adults on our trampoline at one time and the rods stayed parallel.

scienceteacher Thu 28-May-09 22:43:37

Gosh, what a stupid video.

If you are strong enough to move this trampoline from the boot of your car to the back garden, you are strong enough to put in the rods. It is only that last 2 or 3 rods that are tricky, but perfectly manageable.

As for the man launching himself onto the ground, taking the net with him, I can only say that my son has not been able to do that in over three years of abuse playing football on it. I don't think it is possible unless you are trying to set it up - even then, I am still skeptical.

ljc7 Sun 31-May-09 16:23:48

sorry but don't shoot the messenger! I just saw this and wondered if it was of interest or help (hmm)

mykidsarecute Thu 11-Jun-09 00:34:11

Quote: From Science teacher.

"We have a Spring Free and it is fab. I would never get anything else. We've had ours coming up 3 years and it is very well used (5 kids, all year round) - it is still in perfect condition.

It has the best safety record, and it is silent. No sounds screech/scraw sounds at all. "


Gee.. absolutely no screeching/ scrawing sounds.... I just bought one and was hoping the kids would screech/scraw/ scream/laugh and giggle to annoy the neighbours.... I thought this trampoline was meant to be FUN!

jeneroo Sun 05-Jul-09 18:09:37

Interesting debate. We just want to find a fab trampoline for a good price.

The Springfree are extortionate!!

JumpKing Oval Pod for me I think!

psbcycle Fri 10-Jul-09 09:49:46

I trampolined for the first time the other day, only for a couple of minutes, but loved it so much that I immediately changed from thinking that a trampoline is just too big/high for the garden to researching them on-line (this forum helped) and our Ovalpod arrives today! smile (In pieces though!hmm) The biggest one, too! Instead of buying an item that will only take kids, we've gone for this, which takes a massive 22 stones (I'm not quite there yet, but have been well on the way!), and we can ALL have years of fun, keeping fit all year round. I already knew that rectangular trampolines have more responsive bounce, and rather than a round one keeping you in the middle, this has THREE optimal bounce points, so should hopefully be great fun. Husband grumbled a little at the cost, but as I'm the only earner at present, I rule!!wink And it's really only a year's Gym membership ... not that I could find the time to go. Go for it!

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