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Mamas and Papas Pramette

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evian Sat 08-Jan-05 10:31:17

Has anyone got a mamas and papas pramette???

When it is in the pram mode can it be used with out the footmuff?? i.e in summer

does it have straps to fasten the little one in or do they only work in the buggy mode??

do you have to convert it back to a buggy to collaspe it down???

many thanks for any info you may have

artyjoe Sat 08-Jan-05 10:48:05

Hi Evian, I've got the pramette but haven't given birth yet to answer all the questions, but we've played with it and tested it quite a bit so...

It can be used without the footmuff
Don't think the straps work in pram mode
You do have to convert back to buggy to collapse it down...just collapsing it down takes practice but we seem to be getting the hang of it now.

Although the collapsing seems a pain I'm sure once you do it every day it will become routine. We researched long and hard and found it was definitely the best for what we needed for comfort and manouverability. Hope this helps somewhat.

evian Sat 08-Jan-05 12:27:19

thnaks for that artyjoe andbest of luck on your labour

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