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Need anti-chlorine shampoo - any ideas - swimmers?

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Wills Fri 07-Jan-05 11:41:26

Went on a health kick sometime last year (more to do with relieving stress than a sudden desire at 35 to be fit) and am going 3 to 4 times a week. Have noticed that my normally extremely healthy hair has gone wrong. I'm not normally into shampoos - have never needed to be, just buy whatever smells nice and doesn't cost too much. However my hair doesn't look good - lots of split ends so I wondered if anyone had any advice.

Marina Fri 07-Jan-05 11:44:35

My sister, a keen swimmer, uses the Paul Mitchell swimmers' shampoo. She also casts style to the winds and wears a becoming skin tight rubber swimming hat though Wills

marialuisa Fri 07-Jan-05 12:04:59

I use Sainsbury's own brand swim shampoo for ma and DD when we've been in the pool and normal conditioner.

googoo Mon 07-Feb-05 14:55:29

hi wills,
i have received your cheque for the clothes you are buying from me, but dont have an address,
could you email it to me and i will get the bits straight off to you

luv jen

googoo Mon 07-Feb-05 21:35:54


alison222 Tue 08-Feb-05 18:20:20

Can't remember what it was called but I got some in Boots. It worked fine.
Just use lots of intensive conditioners afterwards.
Oh and get the split ends cut as they oonly get worse the longer they are left

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