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Buggy advice needed!

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EpiffanyFeast Wed 05-Jan-05 21:44:10

Am trading in my E3 as we are not having another baby now and due to recent surgery I now need a lightweight buggy easy to steer for my very light and petite 2yo daughter only just started walking one or two steps so will be in buggy for ages yet.
I am keen on the M+P aria?
Any ideas
I'm a pram snob which I apologise for and also a bit of an addict... Money not being an issue (said out of hubby's ear range)
Go on discuss at length you know you want to!

lockets Wed 05-Jan-05 21:46:18

Message withdrawn

lockets Wed 05-Jan-05 21:54:57

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 05-Jan-05 21:57:21

maclren triumph, lighter than a techno.

Grizzly Wed 05-Jan-05 22:05:37

Love the lightness of my mclaren triumph - hate the brakes, they're crap and can't find a decent cosytoe to fit - mclaren don't make one and mothercare doesn't fit properly

bottle Wed 05-Jan-05 22:11:43

maclaren volo is lightest on the market and i think it is fab, no reclining but my baby still sleeps in his, kiddicare were the best for price when i got mine and mothercare for the accessories which i needed raincover sunshade and seatie thing

evian Wed 05-Jan-05 22:16:32

i loved the mamas and papas aria the only thing that made me get rid of it was the handel height i got terrible back ache pushing it around as i'm quite tall.

I now have a maclaren techno love to bits but i really like the new mamas and papas stroller called PULSE you need to go to travel then travel options to view it brillant price £89.00 and looks rather swish - and the plus it's a new model so you can start a trend in your area

EpiffanyFeast Thu 06-Jan-05 10:53:43

cannot do maclaren as the tilted handles drive me crazy
The bugaboo frog is too celeb if Gwyn and Chris cannot collapse it then I stand no chance!
Might have a look at M+P again then

Sallie Thu 06-Jan-05 11:24:08

I think the Mountain Buggy is fab but agree that the Volo is the lightest and is fab on public transport. Only downside is that it can be tricky on uneven pavements, but my ds is quite large!!!

lockets Thu 06-Jan-05 11:25:21

Message withdrawn

Gem13 Thu 06-Jan-05 11:26:17

Personally would be tempted by the Micralite. It's very lightweight and easy to collapse or so they say and it's quite cool!

Gem13 Thu 06-Jan-05 11:26:57

First time that's happened to me on here lockets. Great minds!

EpiffanyFeast Thu 06-Jan-05 11:45:06

the micralite is prob still too heavy for me at 7-kgs with wheels on.
The pulse looks like great value but again the tilted handles are no good for my bunk wrist.
hmmm harder than I thought

LIZS Thu 06-Jan-05 12:04:14

What about a Quinny Zapp , or is it the same problem with handles ? Or an Inglesina Espresso ?

bottle Sat 08-Jan-05 00:16:03

evian have looked at a picture of the m and p pulse and sorely tempted bit of a pushchair tart me , maybe if have another db then might have to get

Piffle Mon 10-Jan-05 13:53:43

have decided on the inglesina espresso!
Really like it, more sturdy than the aria not so plasticky feeling and a few more features...
I am getting a red one
Thanks ladies

Tessa99 Tue 01-Feb-05 19:52:07


I'm also on the lookout for a lighweight pushchair for a 2 yr old. I'm an amputee so can't manage heavy weights (including 2 yr olds!!) and I have problems with the standing on one leg bit to fold a maclaren type.

How about the Jane Rocket? I looked at this yesterday at Two Left Feet (I live local to their shop). It reclines slightly. Handles are virtually straight. Only 5kg. Wheels slightly bigger than a volo/triumph/quest. Brake lever fantastic - much more like a techno.

Others on my shortlist are:
Combi Dash - 4.9kg
M & P Pulse

If money's no object the Quinny Zapp might be worth a look. It's 6kg but folds really small.

Hope this is helpful


ja9 Tue 01-Feb-05 23:19:31

how much is the quiiny zapp - just out of interest? cant find it on their webpage.

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