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Garden Toy / Equipement

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evian Wed 05-Jan-05 14:04:20

This year we've got a garden for dd to play in so we want to get her some toys / equipment for it - can ayone recomend anything there've either got or want?


HappyNewCardigan Wed 05-Jan-05 14:05:08

How old's your dd?

evian Wed 05-Jan-05 14:05:56

sorry dd is three

evian Wed 05-Jan-05 14:33:56


littlemissbossy Wed 05-Jan-05 14:35:17

A playhouse is usually a good choice, have a look on HTH

nailpolish Wed 05-Jan-05 14:37:06

plastic wheelbarrow with garden tools, from woolworths, we are on our 2nd lot!

bags of seeds (quick growing)

plastic chute

tent (elc do good ones)

plastic picnic set, also from woolworths

watering can

water pistol

and our favourite is a bucket and sponge for helping daddy wash the car

nailpolish Wed 05-Jan-05 14:40:15

forgot about paddling pool, and bath toys to play with in pool

a swing also will last years

makealist Wed 05-Jan-05 14:42:30

The best thing we ever got for the garden was a sandpit (little tykes) ds1 played with it from age 2.6 until around age 11. Even on dry days in winter he'd be playing in it, also when his friends came over they would love to play in it too. Each year we'd just get a couple of bags of sand to refresh it, you can play with almost anything in the sand! Just make sure you get one with a lid (stops cats and rain getting in)

handlemecarefully Wed 05-Jan-05 15:35:37

ELC do toy lawnmowers (probably won't have any in stock until the spring) for under a tenner

mishi1977 Wed 05-Jan-05 16:04:55

we have a swing, little slide, sandpit and see saw thing(little Tykes) and basket ball net and sandpit for Ds he is 14 mths but was walking early etc...they were all only around 10-15 each from toysrus and it has kept him busy last summer and on dry winter days

golds Wed 05-Jan-05 16:07:58

Trampoline, I mean a little one for now. Best ever outdoor toy bought, my 2 have now got a big one but still use there little one.

Also, water table ???

handlemecarefully Thu 06-Jan-05 21:55:53

Oh and football nets - my dd likes these.

Clayhead Thu 06-Jan-05 22:09:54

My dd (just 3) will spend hours with a washing up bowl of water and a plastic tea set! She pours the 'tea', then washes up, then starts again!

Also loves her tunnel (Ikea) and Little Tikes cube with slide and playhouse. I got the 2 Little Tikes things second hand from an agency and paid £20 for each of them; they have been well worth it.

polly28 Thu 06-Jan-05 22:16:49

sand/water table from elc or little tikess!
my ds plays with his all the time and being a table means they don't have to sit in it and get all their clothes sandy.
He plays making tea a lot more at the moment and gets soaked,best thing we ever got him.

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