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Can't find a telephone number for - grrr - any ideas?

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pinkmamma Wed 05-Jan-05 12:42:06

Spent too much time trawling their website for it, googled and still nothing . Any ideas please?

nasa Wed 05-Jan-05 12:42:33

don't think they have one. deliberately i think

weightwatchingwaterwitch Wed 05-Jan-05 12:43:50

God, it's SO annoying isn't it? GeorginaA found one recently as she is very cross with them. Will see if I can find the thread.

weightwatchingwaterwitch Wed 05-Jan-05 12:45:15

Ah, she did here but didn't post it you could put a call out for her or hope she sees this.

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 12:46:36

yes i did a google

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 12:46:47

panting form hhoovering

TheDragon Wed 05-Jan-05 12:47:31 have a customer services number, 0800 2796620 (Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00).

yoyo Wed 05-Jan-05 12:48:03

I'm sure DH got this from Directory Enquiries. One of the papers last week noted it (either Deborah Ross in The Inde or one of the women writers for the first article in T2 of The Times). DH back soon so I'll ask him.

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 12:48:35

Can I be remembered as the one who found the Amazon UK customer service phone number?

It is 0208-636-9200

TheDragon Wed 05-Jan-05 12:49:47

That's different from the one I got from Google.

GeorginaA Wed 05-Jan-05 12:56:08

Yup that's the number I had Cod - it's their registered business number so they have to answer that one .

GeorginaA Wed 05-Jan-05 12:56:54

I also have:

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail
(, Fax (0800 279 6630) or phone (0800 279 6620).
For international customers Fax (+44 20 8636 9401) or
phone (+44 20 8636 9451).

Another source gives:
> Company Name : Amazon UK
> Geographical : 0208 6369451
> Freephone : 0800 2796620
> Other Info : Cusomer Services; or 0208 6369200

GeorginaA Wed 05-Jan-05 12:58:04

PS give them hell for me

gingerbear Wed 05-Jan-05 13:27:00

There is an excellent website called 'saynoto0870' which has a list of alternative numbers to the ones starting 0870 which are charged at a higher rate (the company makes money from 0870 numbers)

0870 alternatives

pinkmamma Wed 05-Jan-05 13:28:15

Thanks all. Sorted now

JanH Wed 05-Jan-05 16:32:13

gingerbear, thanks so much for that site, I hate 0870 numbers with a passion and refuse to use them if I can; have discovered that many companies who have them will give you a normal number if you say you need to call them from abroad, teehee.

But did you notice all the ads at the bottom of the page from 0870 service providers? "Free 0870 numbers : No setup, service or per min charge We even pay you up to 3.15p per min"

Not sure whether to or !

SlimlineDryGinger Wed 05-Jan-05 16:59:26

Yes Jan, I thought that was odd too!

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