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Maclaren Techno XT -- anyone got one and a buggy board?

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bakedpotato Wed 05-Jan-05 11:21:28

i've got to buy a buggy board to go on our Techno XT. any tips for which bb is the best? i just emailed maclaren and had the following back which makes me feel a bit scratchy.

'Unfortunately we do not recommend buggy boards on any of our products, as the specification for the Maclaren Techno XT pushchair is for one child

Feel sure this has been covered before, but searched archive and couldn't find anything.

monkeygirl Wed 05-Jan-05 11:58:39

But don't virtually all buggy manufacturers say that to cover their backs, so to speak? I've got an XT and a Lascal buggy board. Don't feel it has been unsafe and it hasn't damaged the buggy but personally I hate it as have to bend over into a weird position to push it and I get backache. I usually end up pushing it from the side (and now have a very strong left arm!) which is much better but am working on persuading a very reluctant dd to walk instead.

NameChangingMancMidlander Wed 05-Jan-05 12:02:17

I agree with Monkeygirl, that Maclaren have said that to avoid being sued !

bakedpotato Wed 05-Jan-05 13:35:52

do you think it's not worth getting one, then? i can see we'd be more mobile and able to get on buses without one and dd is 3+, so...

mintenz Wed 05-Jan-05 13:37:41

I've got the buggy board, but need a recommendation for the buggy to attach it to. Would like not to spend as much as a Maclaren Techno - but are cheaper buggies too light ?

monkeygirl Thu 06-Jan-05 11:35:03

BP - depends on your dd! Mine hates walking (quite ironic as me and dh love it and hate going in the car etc) and if I don't bring the buggy board complains and cries that her leg are hurting, she's tired etc etc. and it makes the journey hell! But as someone pointed out to me, knowing that she can just hop on it has probably made her less likely to try and walk so in some ways I wish I had never shown her it existed. Yes it can be very useful if you need to get somewhere quickly with no fuss but if you have the time to let her get somewhere at her pace (which if it's anything like my 3.6 dd is slooooooooowwwwwwww)and build up her stamina I would try and do without personally.

monkeygirl Thu 06-Jan-05 11:36:16

Sorry minten - don't know about other buggies, but I'm sure you can attach them to cheaper ones. Hope someone else can help you.

blossom2 Thu 06-Jan-05 11:38:36

i'm going to be in the same situation. I have a techno XT and DD uses it at the moment to go to (and back) from nursery (20 mins walk away). however come august 05, it'll be needed for the new baby.

i'm considering a buggy board - or should i just let her walk???

bakedpotato Thu 06-Jan-05 11:40:20

good advice MG. i think we might chance it without to start with, at least.

jennifersofia Thu 06-Jan-05 21:18:34

Mountain buggy is the only pram/pushchair that have said on their literature that you can use the buggy board. Everyone else, as far as I know, have said that they don't recommend it - I am sure for legal reasons.
Re: buggy board on cheaper/ lightweight pushchairs - I have done this and found that it did work, but not very well because the buggy wasn't sturdy enough to carry the extra weight. Also the board puts more strain on the frame. We did it, but it did feel rather like we were creaking along, and it was harder to push. I now have a Techno with the buggy board, and that is much better. My eldest is nearly 4, and uses the buggy board. She walks, but is a dawdler something chronic. The buggy board seems to be a happier option than me chivvying, nagging, asking nicely and sometimes carrying...
Good idea to try it without first. I suppose you could do the nursery walk, Blossom2, with your daughter before August, and see how it goes...

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