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Help! Looking for mulberry coloured knee high boots

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lyndap Tue 04-Jan-05 21:39:37

Has anyone seen knee high boots in a mulberry colour? any fabric/leather. Just have a need for such items(doesn't matter about festive poundage with boots!) and cannot seem to find them anywhere!
Any suggestions/sightings much appreciated!

Bladee Tue 04-Jan-05 21:47:41

Cousin bought a lovely suede pair in Clarks....

podgegl20 Tue 04-Jan-05 22:09:13

I thought i saw some in Boden or kew-online.

Moomin Tue 04-Jan-05 22:11:38

what about these ? saw them in clarks today reduced to £39.99

Moomin Tue 04-Jan-05 22:13:11

oh poo, just takes you to home page. go to women's boots, casual then scroll along to the ones called oprah (oprah? puleeeze!)

Bladee Tue 04-Jan-05 22:16:28

Nope, she's got the onmaroo (?!!???) in mulberry and they look fab!

Moomin Tue 04-Jan-05 22:19:07

oo yes, i do like these too.

hoxtonchick Tue 04-Jan-05 22:19:40

camper? expensive though

lyndap Wed 05-Jan-05 11:06:21

Oooo. Some lovely ones. Thanks! Am now caressing my credit card and wondering about spending loadsamoney on the Boden boots (they have a wee heel which I think is better for me than flatties)
Wrestling with my conscience!!!(and thinking about my credit card statement!)

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