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Anyone tried those electronic pelvic floor toners?

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Notyummy Mon 14-Apr-08 12:35:36

Just wondering really. Toying with the idea of buying one, but don't want to bother if they are really rubbish.

TIA smile

Notyummy Mon 14-Apr-08 12:54:12


chocolatemummy Mon 14-Apr-08 13:00:11

haven't tried them but was wondering the same thing. Can get them on ebay for about £40-50 If it works its definately worth the money

Notyummy Mon 14-Apr-08 13:46:58


Notyummy Mon 14-Apr-08 21:03:04

Bump for the evening crew

33k Wed 16-Jul-08 22:27:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

geekgirl Wed 16-Jul-08 22:28:55

I've got one, it's v. good

I'm crap at remembering to use it though, it's a bit faffy really.

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