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codswallop Tue 04-Jan-05 11:12:24

what did youigett he dsses int eh end?

Marina Tue 04-Jan-05 11:21:13

A fab micromachines fold-out trucky thing which we both love, Lego (of course), failed on the Hot Wheels and Turtle front but compensated with hideous Bandai Tracy Island which ds also loves. Micromachines is the undoubted hit though
Dd got a pushalong plush labrador who does nothing but look cute but did make her take her first steps on Christmas Day. She is ignoring her age appropriate Baby Playmobil and trying to eat/steal ds' vikings instead.
Will get the Turtles for his birthday, a small carton of ooze in his stocking is tiding us over for now.
What about you, Shopping Supremo?

TheDragon Tue 04-Jan-05 11:24:58

You let them have the ooze??? I have a can of that on a very high shelf the DSs can't get to. It was whipped out of the turtle-plus-ooze packet very very swiftly

Marina Tue 04-Jan-05 12:01:41

Well I did find him making ooze bombs out of it plus little pieces of paper with BOMB written on them, but the sooner it gets all fluffy and out of commission the better. And a bit of ooze on his bedroom carpet can only be an improvement, dd is conducting a bathtime stealth widdle campaign on it and it needs all the help it can get.

TheDragon Tue 04-Jan-05 12:45:33


lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 14:07:06

aha! you answered!

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 14:07:44

ds left ooze out for dh and dh didnt realise and was very cross his book was " ruined " hehehehehehe

Marina Wed 05-Jan-05 14:09:33

dh blenched when the ooze appeared, also fearful for books, computer drives etc. How a bit of gunk in a tub can scare a grown man so when we have a child than can and does hurl a full tub of yogurt across a room is beyond me!
But then I was never allowed potty putty etc as a child after an unfortunate incident with a piece of pastry.

lowcalCOD Wed 05-Jan-05 14:11:29

jessies the lot of htem

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