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cheap helium balloons?

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eleanorsmum Fri 11-Apr-08 09:07:08

It's my bday on sat and i want some helium balloons to decorate the house with for the party and some for the kids to take homw (they'll be dd and 4 other littly's, thought it'd be a ncie idea!) anyway - am NOT spending £2.99 on the foil ones from party shops - just too much but have been told they do them for £1.35 in ASDA. is this true and does anywhere else sell them cheap. don't wnat plain coloured ones - want funky ones! it's my party!

looneytune Fri 11-Apr-08 09:20:03

No idea but bumping for you

MindingMun Fri 11-Apr-08 09:25:26

Our big Tesco does them for about £1.50ish as well.
Asda here used to do them for £1.35 and I always used to go there - I also think £2.99 is too much to pay when you need more than 1, but they've stopped selling them now so I'd give a quick ring before you go smile

If you just want bright ones (rather than foil ones) Asda has a kit - helium cannister and 12 balloon for about a tenner

MindingMun Fri 11-Apr-08 09:26:18

Oh and Woolies do the same kit

MrsBadger Fri 11-Apr-08 09:29:52

don't know about 'funky' but the last time I did this I bought a pack of 10 assorted-colour foil balloons somewhere online for about £7 and got them filled with helium at Birthdays for 50p each.

Jana9876 Fri 12-Jun-15 10:22:09

I always mix some colourful ones with plain coloured ones, starting from about £1.75 at

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