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Plain White Rugby shirts

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Tissy Mon 09-Dec-02 15:29:03

Does anyone know where I can get a plain white rugby shirt for dh? It has to be absolutely plain, no logos or embroidery, chest size 40-42. He has just announced he would like one for Christmas, and I've looked and looked on the web this pm, to no avail. John Lewis used to do them in their school uniform dept, but not any more. School Outfitters around here only do team colours, and all the manufacturers I have been able to find only sell them wholesale!

GillW Mon 09-Dec-02 16:05:11

Try a t-shirt/sweatshirt printing company? Some of them carry these as stock items ready to be printed, and they might be prepared to sell them to you plain.

GillW Mon 09-Dec-02 16:08:12

Try this one - they say no mimimum quantities.

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