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Which car?

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hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 02:10:52

I'm thinking about buying my first car and was wondering if any MNetters would like to rave about their cars to confuse me even further about which one to get?

I'm looking for something small (space is at a premium - it has to go on the drive at the front with DH's car, plus I'd not be comfortable driving a huge car!), safe, secondhand and inexpensive. Am I asking too much?! Also, where's the best place to buy from?

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 10:51:54


Yorkiegirl Sun 02-Jan-05 11:27:56

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sun 02-Jan-05 11:31:35

How many children, pushchairs, car seats, etc. have to go in it?

I had a little Ford Ka for my first car which I really liked.

Also had a little Smart too, but that is only a two seater.

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:34:52

Good point - more information might help...

I have one DS, who will go in a forward-facing carseat in the next couple of months (he's nine months tomorrow). I have a Maclaren Quest, so not a boot-thirsty buggy

I'd LOVE a Smart, but I don't think it's wholly practical (am more than willing to hear all kinds of arguments to sway me on this though ). I'd not be able to take my mum or other friends out with me for instance and should we have another DB in the relatively near future (our plan), it would have to be sold. The ForFour is too expensive I think.

I'd also like a Jazz, but again, too pricey as they're a bit new.

Hulababy Sun 02-Jan-05 11:39:07

Yes, if you have a child I don't recommend the Smart. We are looking at the FourFour for our second car but it is quite expensive really for what it is I guess. No idea on the second hand market for it.

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 11:42:06

I've got a Ford Focus, which may well be a bit big for you. However the Ford Fiesta is a long time favourite of the car industry. They are incredibly cheap to run, they handle well, repairs and parts are affordable, and they've been going since the late 70's/early 80's, so there's a model and year in everyones budget !

The motoring journalists all seem to think that those Fiesta's from around 1997 - 2002/3 are the best for handling and driver feel. You can get all the safety & comfort features you would need (air con, power steering, ABS brakes, airbags, central locking etc) and you can have 3 or 5 door bodyshape options. The boots are a decent size and they are pretty roomy and nicely trimmed inside (particularly the Ghia or sporty models). Fords are very easy to drive, with decent gearboxes, and the fiesta is sooooooooooooo easy to park.

I've just ran a quick search on and found 50 fiestas within a 40 mile radius of my home postcode, between £1000 & £3000 !!!

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 11:43:30

You say 'inexpensive' what is that in your terms ? For some that may be less than £1000 or less than £6000 !!!

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:44:19

My mum has a fiesta, so that may be the way forward - I've driven a couple in the past too. Getting excited now - I've never had a car before!

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:46:04

No more than £4k, considerably less if possible.

Realistically, I'd like to spend about £2.5k.

Optimistically, I'd like someone to give me a brand new car

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 11:46:08

It's v exciting . How long have you had your licence ?

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:46:33

11 years!!!

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 11:48:38

Blimey ! You're v patient, I must say

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 11:49:35

Let me see what available for your budget. Whereabouts in the country are you ?

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 11:51:39

I haven't really felt I needed a car until now - I walk a lot and use public transport (living in west London means it's often easier). But now I have friends who've moved away from the area and with DS it is a pain to keep bundling him up and sticking him in the buggy for hours when if we drove, we'd get places sooner. It didn't matter as much when he was little, but I'm more conscious of him getting fed up being in the buggy as he's becoming more mobile.

Also I don't want him to think that daddies drive and mummies don't when he gets bigger

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 11:59:37

You could have an 1998 S reg fiesta Ghia in red with ....

5 Doors,
Manual gearbox,
29,500 miles,
Central Locking,
Driver's Airbag,
Electric Windows.

All for just £2,995 ! That's in the midlands. £4k will buy you quite a lot of fiesta for your money

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 12:00:42

The only reason that an S reg fiesta is that much is because it has low mileage, average mileage for an s reg car is around 60k !!!

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 12:04:08

All sounding very good - thank you!

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 12:05:53

I drove my DH mad with my ever changing mind when we were buying my car

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 12:11:54

DH has already been driven round the bend by me, so one more thing I witter endlessly about won't make much difference

Plus it means I won't be hanging out to drive 'his' car, so he has a vested interest

NameChangingMancMidlander Sun 02-Jan-05 12:22:59

I had to drive DH's car the other day, I felt like I'd never sat in a car before in my life. It's been so long since I last drove his and it is the complete polar opposite of mine - his is a big Mercedes estate, auto, diesel. Mine is a hatchback focus, petrol and manual. It felt sooooooooo bizarre. Even the steering wheel felt big, as mine is a compact sporty one.

sallystrawberry Sun 02-Jan-05 12:27:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tallulah Sun 02-Jan-05 12:36:56

I had a corsa for 6 years & got on fine with it. Would suggest that whatever you get you go for 4/5 doors... 3 seems a good idea at the time but it's a real pain if you give anyone a lift or put DB in the back!

DH had a peugeot 206 until recently, & that was a nice little car too. V nippy & easy to park & good driving position plus a decent sized boot. With his you could turn off the passenger airbag too.

hunkermunker Sun 02-Jan-05 12:38:17

Yes, five doors is something I'm definitely not compromising on (unless someone persuades me a Smart is a good idea...!).

JanH Sun 02-Jan-05 12:56:51

One of Which's best buys is the Toyota Yaris - I found a V reg, 46,000 miles for £3700 using What Car's search facility .

Or a W reg, only 9000 miles for £3200 using Auto Trader . It's here - only 38 miles from me so in the NW, probably not much use to you!

You could have a look at one of those car supermarkets too, as you don't have anything to sell you don't have to worry about a low part exchange price and they have nearly news at half price practically.

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