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Which George Foreman should I buy ...

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Millie1 Sat 01-Jan-05 22:22:43

the cafe press or the bigger Classic George with the timer? Is there any real difference?


misdee Sat 01-Jan-05 22:23:17

I thought u meant the man then

Millie1 Sat 01-Jan-05 22:24:30

Sorry! Think I'll stick with my own (it's his Christmas present

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 22:24:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Sat 01-Jan-05 22:25:42

sally thats what FIL says too.

sallystrawberry Sat 01-Jan-05 22:26:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pixiefish Sat 01-Jan-05 22:26:44

i love my cafe press

sleepytinkerbell Mon 03-Jan-05 16:13:37

We have the bigger classic which we upgraded from the cafe because it has two separate sides with separate heating controls so the meat goes on one side and the veg on the other which is much easier than trying to control the heat/timings for both on one grill pan!!! Good luck

Millie1 Mon 03-Jan-05 21:59:04

Thanks ... ordered the cafe press at the weekend! Can't wait to get it - after all my procrastinating!

juniperdewdrop Mon 03-Jan-05 22:01:54

my mate just got the anthony worrall thompson one, is that any good? She thinks so but they did just get it.

SPARKLER1 Mon 03-Jan-05 22:05:49

We bought ourselves the George Foreman colors grill. Haven't used it yet. We will do at some point. IT WILL NOT BECOME ONE OF THOSE USELESS KITCHEN GADGETS THAT GET PUSHED TO THE BACK OF THE CUPBOARD!!

SPARKLER1 Mon 03-Jan-05 22:06:14

meant to say we bought it for xmas!

SPARKLER1 Tue 04-Jan-05 21:59:14

We used ours for the first time tonight. Cooked the kids beefburgers. Absolutely fantastic. The fat that came out of these four small burgers was unbelievable. And they had nice Warm Buns to go with them!!! I'm well chuffed with it - think I shall be using it loads now I have started!

Millie1 Wed 05-Jan-05 22:13:42

Can't wait to get mine .... hurry up Amazon!!

SPARKLER1 Wed 05-Jan-05 23:38:07

We cooked some 95% fat free sausages in it tonight. Came out well except had to double the cooking time from what it said in the book. I had to turn them on their side to cook through. You would have laughed I was stood there longingly waiting and watching for the drip tray to fill up. Nothing came out - like I said they were FAT FREE SAUSAGES. Der!!!

starlover Thu 06-Jan-05 16:24:11

don't buy one! it's all a marketing trick!
if you grill things under a regular grill the fat still drips out and collects in the tray underneath does it not???
the george foreman ones are just a huge rip-off because they don't do anything extra than any normal grill in your oven does......

Hulababy Thu 06-Jan-05 20:55:02

Have to disagree starlover. Using the GF type things are so much easier, and far quicker (as cook both sides at once) to start with. And I also find lessier messier than using the grill. Especially if like us we have a grill which is inside an electric oven - hich we have found to be pretty rubbish in comparison.

Millie1 Thu 06-Jan-05 22:22:24

I'm still looking forward to getting mine ... their marketing is obviously pressing all the right buttons but I've got a 100cm wide oven so the grillpan is an absolute nightmare to clean and I reckon this'll be easier.

SPARKLER1 Fri 07-Jan-05 13:41:52

Hulababy I agree with you. I find ours fantastic. We too have an electric oven with grill inside and it was a pain if I needed to grill and bake at the same time. The GF is really handy and like you say so much more easy to clean afterwards.

starlover Fri 07-Jan-05 15:56:25

hmm i guess you have a point there... i have a gas oven with the grill at the top so I don't have to worry about using it and the oven at the same time.
I do think that the "health" claims they make are a bit misleading though, grilled food is grilled food after all!

BubblesDeVere Fri 07-Jan-05 15:59:11

Don 't know whether you will be interested, but Argos have the Rosemary Conley Healthy grill on sale at 33,99, it is much cheaper than the same size george foreman and it has a timer and cooks everything the same, if I remember rightly, I THINK it has an adjustable temperature control.

jac34 Fri 07-Jan-05 16:09:30

We must be the only family who HATE ours.
DH was very keen to have one and bought one of the realy big ones, reduced in Tesco's a few months ago.
We've tried it several times and everything we've cooked on it has tasted awful. IMO it not only takes all the fat out of the food, but also takes all the moisture out as well.
It's a complete waste of money, not only because of the price of the grill, but because you spend good money on lovely quality, meat, then after cooking on the Geore Forman, it ends up looking and tasteing like an old piece of shoe leather.

SPARKLER1 Fri 07-Jan-05 22:17:13

jac34 - sounds to me like you may have overcooked your food - don't quote me though - I'm definitely no Delia Smith .

starlover you are right - grilled food is grilled food.

My reckoning is that the George Foreman is like the "Dyson of hoovers". You can see what comes out and therefore you assume it's doing a good job. Don't you reckon??

Hulababy Sat 08-Jan-05 23:24:54

jac - defintiely agree that it sounds like you may have overcooked the food. In the George things it cooks both sides at the same time, so things only need cooking for a very short period of time. For example, a fillet steak or a piece of tuna takes 2 minutes MAX to be ready.

ixel Sun 09-Jan-05 16:01:51

Thought I'd mention that sainburys have the metallic efect ones half price at the mo, 14.99. They're quite small, but then so's my kitchen. Only down side is that I got green as there were no purple left!

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