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where can i buy a babycook from?

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gs Sat 01-Jan-05 21:42:02

are they still available to buy anywhere? are they worth hunting one down? thanks

Twiglett Sat 01-Jan-05 21:44:31

what's a babycook .. the mind boggles

gs Sat 01-Jan-05 22:04:15

blender / steamer for weaning. come highly recommended on previous posts.

AnnieMo Sat 01-Jan-05 22:13:31

I bought one at an NCT sale when ds was a baby - and thought it was great. We are now long past the weaning stage and I did plan to pass it on to a new mum but it stays in my cupboard and is extremely useful as a mini blender - for small amounts of breadcrumbs or nuts. I have seen one in a catalogue recently, but sorry can't remember which one - could be one of those general baby ones such as PHP or General Trading, sorry can't be more helpful.

gs Sat 01-Jan-05 22:24:12

thanks annie mo - let me know if you change your mind re selling in the near future! many thanks

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