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Looking for good birthday cards, etc, I can buy on line

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pepsi Sat 01-Jan-05 20:57:04

Im looking for somehwere nice to buy my cards from in one big hit for the year. Ive heard of Phoenix Trading but cant seem to see what they actually do on line. Any other companies or can anyone advise about Phoenix Trading.

popsycal Sat 01-Jan-05 20:58:10

peckrollover is the girl you want.....
but she has a lot of family problems to deal with at the moment....i will let her know

codswallop Sat 01-Jan-05 20:59:25

they dont sell on line oyu need to find a trader
what about marks multi packs?

JanH Sat 01-Jan-05 21:08:13

phoenix do have a website here where you can fill in a form with your details - maybe they will refer you to a local trader?

There are moonpig cards. Haven't tried them but they look nice.

popsycal Sat 01-Jan-05 21:09:02

miss rollover sent me a moonpig card for my 30th - very nice!

codswallop Sat 01-Jan-05 21:09:57

I love them

Tommy Sat 01-Jan-05 21:22:31

Moonpig are great - bit expensive but so funny

Tommy Sat 01-Jan-05 21:22:49

oh and people really like them when you send them

bensmum3 Sat 01-Jan-05 21:33:57

I could send you a phoenix catalogue, and sort out an order for you if you're interested, cat me if you would like more info or a catalogue.

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