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Perfect pushchair for 1 year old???????

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bobbyboboo Sun 06-Apr-08 08:54:26

I am looking for a new pushchair for my dd who is 14 months old. I have just got rid of my beloved silver cross freeway as just too bulky and not being used. I have a Mclaren buggy to chuck in the car but would really like to purchase one more pushchair before its too late!! Wondered if anyone had found their perfect pushchair (if such a thing exists!) not sure whether to go for a 3 wheeler or not. What pushchair are you using?? Many thanks.

dizzydixies Sun 06-Apr-08 08:56:50

bruin presto

am not sure that this would do anything that your Mclaren wouldn't

CarGirl Sun 06-Apr-08 09:05:23

depends if you want big or small. If you want biggish than the mountain buggy is lovely, folds really small really easily. If you want small the bugaboo bee is a dream to push folds easily, light, amazing suspension etc

How big is your budget and what do you want to use it for?

hana Sun 06-Apr-08 09:06:42

why not just use the mcclaren and save your money?

halogen Sun 06-Apr-08 09:08:15

What's wrong with the MacLaren? I find mine perfect for nearly everything and have been using it since my daughter was a few months old (she's nearly 19 months now). The only thing I don't like about it is that it's a bit rattly on rougher ground.

bobbyboboo Sun 06-Apr-08 09:12:34

Thanks for response, dont really want to spend a fortune will probably buy second hand off ebay! Just feel the Mclaren is better for occassional use rather than everyday as I do quite a bit of walking.

hana Sun 06-Apr-08 09:14:09

that bruin thing is fugly, looks quite flimsy
get a techno mcclaren then, I'ave had one for almost 4 years and is in perfect nick - also do a lot of walking and is on child 2

dizzydixies Sun 06-Apr-08 09:15:20

I have a jane powertrack for all our walking and its FAB, big though but am sure you could get one on ebay second hand

CarGirl Sun 06-Apr-08 09:16:13

the mamas & papas P3 is less rattly than a maclaren and you can get them £50ish on ebay, or buy a techno XT as they have suspension in the wheels so again less rattly

dizzydixies Sun 06-Apr-08 09:19:18

hana fugly or not its not flimsy, similar to a zapp but more sturdy because of front wheels AND reclines

MadameCh0let Sun 06-Apr-08 09:20:34

Techno xt is very boring but it is great. I have had one for 3 years and it's still going strong. Got it when dc1 was a toddler and it's been in and out of the boot about 500 times. But it will not break.

The bastket could be better that'd be my only gripe. but no 'stroller' has a great basket.......?? Or is there one?

bobbyboboo Sun 06-Apr-08 09:22:34

Yes do like the look of M&P P3 and also the 03 series. I also find with my Mclaren I cant use a footmuff because then the raincover doesnt fit!

hippipotami Sun 06-Apr-08 09:23:16

The maclaren is fine for walking, Macs go for miles you know smile

Personally I would save my money, save space in the house, save the planet by not encouraging more things to be manufactured and ultimately landfilled and stick with the Mac.

There is no such thing as teh perfect pushchair, I really don't think there is.

I would only consider another pushchair if you were planning on doing a lot of country walks, because the Macs are rubbish off-road. In which case I would buy a Mountain buggy.
But for pavements/shopping/urban use you cannot beat a Maclaren.

CarGirl Sun 06-Apr-08 09:23:56

the positive thing about the P3 is that it does fold compact, I'm not sure about the 03 series - would imagine it's quite bulky. If you you want a 3 wheeler get a proper one IYSWIM

hana Sun 06-Apr-08 09:24:33

I don't get the pushchair thing - have only had 3 over 7 years for 3 children, still using 2 of the 3 - powertwin and techno xt.

CarGirl Sun 06-Apr-08 09:27:35

hana because you've bought 2 decent pushchairs that suit the needs you have.

The xt is too tall for me and gives me chronic back & arm ache and once you need to look at how easy it is to push or have a tiny boot then it becomes a much trickier ball game to get it right!

CarGirl Sun 06-Apr-08 09:27:36

hana because you've bought 2 decent pushchairs that suit the needs you have.

The xt is too tall for me and gives me chronic back & arm ache and once you need to look at how easy it is to push or have a tiny boot then it becomes a much trickier ball game to get it right!

halogen Sun 06-Apr-08 09:38:19

I'm not very tall and find my MacLaren fine. It's a Techno Classic, I think. And it is absolutely fine for walking - I walk everywhere with it and haven't had a problem. As hippipotami said, the only thing it isn't good for is off-road. But even then it's perfectly bearable apart from if it's really bumpy, hilly, gravelly or muddy. As it lies flat, I fully intend to use it for my next child from birth. It's a hundred times easier to get around with than the secondhand Mamas and Papas thing I had before it (which made me want to never leave the house again, it was such a pain in the arse).

hettie Sun 06-Apr-08 09:49:15

hi there- secon just jkeeping the one you have. But if you do country walks etc the absolute best is a mountain buggy. We were given a 2nd hand one and I love it- use it everywhere and it's the easiest thing to push- walk with and uterly bullet proof.

columbolover Sun 06-Apr-08 13:11:54

I've posted here recently on the very same subject. Ds is 14 months. I have mclaren also but understand exactly how you feel about getting another pushchair before its too late! My second hand jane is fab but a bit worn out now, have just persuaded dh this morning into purchasing new nurse dakar (jane) pushchair for ds off ebay. It was half price at £160, brand new, this was the "buy it now" price. Comes with car seat which we don't need, but dh will probably re sell and this means we'll get a bit of money back for pushchair. Comes in orange and other colours I think. Would do a link for you but am clueless about how to!

And its delivered in 24 hours!

Worth having a look on ebay, hope you get something

bobbyboboo Sun 06-Apr-08 18:42:48

Shall have a nosy at them on ebay. Glad to hear its not just me who's mad about pushchairs! DH thinks i'm bonkers but then hes just the same with cars!! Thanks for all the advice.

halogen Sun 06-Apr-08 20:38:51

I'm not being deliberately difficult, I promise, but can you explain the mad about pushchairs thing? Is it like wanting to buy new clothes when you already have plenty? I often feel like that but have never yet wanted to spend money on a pushchair!

bobbyboboo Sun 06-Apr-08 20:52:05

Well i suppose it is a little (hanging head in shame!) But really I would just like to have one which does everything I need it to i.e. small enough to store and fit in boot, provide a comfortable ride in town and off road as well. I just think the buggy isnt quite as sturdy as other pushchairs or as snug in bad weather.

nappyaddict Thu 24-Apr-08 01:12:32

i like the fisher price kuji, mura 3/4, mutsy, bugaboo bee, i'coo peak 3, traxx ecuador, loola up, bebe confort streety, m&p skate, m&p herbie, luna mix (the new 3 wheeler one - the 4 wheeler one isn't very good cos the small wheels get stuck when you go down steps and kerbs)

MindingMum Thu 24-Apr-08 05:17:15

lucicle - you should visit the pram addicts tea room on here and prepare to be shock shock shock

bobbyboboo - can't beat the powertrack and like columbolover says the spanish version is half price on ebay at mo (I suspect though that it's so cheap because their safety standards for baby equipment is less stringent over there and prob no warranty - I could be wrong but worth checking out)

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